Sista Love Finale: Jamie

Meet Jamie:

Jamie is my older sister – by thirteen months – but we may as well have been twins. In fact, I think we even tried to pull that off a few times, but nobody was fooled. Sometimes people had a hard time believing we were sisters at all until we pointed out that we have the same nose.

Jamie has been my best friend since the day I was born. She gave me my first nickname. Sort of. She was one, and couldn’t say “Stephanie”, so she called me “sneee” which evolved to “Sunnie” – which until I was a teenager I thought was my actual name, and “Stephanie” was only used on fancy occasions.

Jamie was a REALLY COOL best friend and big sister. She still is – but she doesn’t beat up people who are making fun of me, anymore. Instead, she listens to me vent about it. In school, she was the sort of person everyone always wanted to be around in hopes that she’d rub off on them somehow. I was the sort of person people forgot was there until I got under foot. But Jamie didn’t just LET me tag along with her, she LIKED me to – and her friends treated me like one of them because that’s how Jamie treated me – and I always had a place.

Jamie is still the kind of person people want to be around. She’s good salt. Plus, she makes up really great songs and dances on the spot. I think the latest one was about Roast Beef.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you JAMIE.

Jamie with husband Jeff and 2 kids Jaxon and Kenya - Savannah is currently "in the oven"

So, I've always wondered - what's it like to be a blond beauty? I'm not qualified to answer that question.

You were the oldest of four siblings - all girls. How was that? Lovely, really. I adore my sisters. Did you feel any pressure to be the fabulous rolemodel that you were? Um... I just hope that my sisters will learn from my mistakes so that they don't make the same mistakes. They can learn from my stupidity.

You're in the process of baking your fourth baby. Any thoughts on the pending title: mother-of-four? ...and I'm thirty. All I can say is WOAH! how did I get here? It seems so natural, but if you really think about it...I am getting older, I have kids and responsibilities. I don't feel old enough to have to act so grown up!

You own your own business. You started a dance studio from scratch and baked it up to be over 150 students big, right? yes.

What's the best and worst part of owning your own business. best~ I am home with my hubby and kids and I can do things my way. Also, we need the moolah, so that's nice. Worst...there is no end to the work that needs to be done. I have to choose what will get done and what gets ignored. I also feel the loss of some of my freedom. I can't just take off to the movies or to go shopping...actually the only real shopping I ever do is to get the necessary groceries and supplies. I rarely get to just do the whole relaxation shopping thing (although I'm not sure such a thing exists for mothers with small children).

Do you remember that time we pretended to have chicken pox to get the good playhouse at preeschool? HAHA! yes! WE are so awesome! We have so much fun together!
You've done all kinds of dancing in your life - even taken state awards in competitions. So what's your favorite style? slow dancing with Jeff. And how come? hehehe.

What do the Adams like to do on Friday Nights? well our fridays are not typical. Jeff works and I clean the house and spend quality time with my monkeys. but if you are wondering what we do on our day off, we like to do something fun with the kids (miniature golf is a new favorite) and get the necessary shopping done, and maybe sneak in a date now and then. We all enjoy eating out. The main goal is having fun as a family.

How do you feel about Jeff being a cop? Stinkin' proud or worried? usually really proud. He is excellent at his job and very wise. He is very well trained and he has the benefit of being guided by the spirit to stay out of extreme danger. I am especially proud of how he tries to balance out the negative influences at work by lotsa scripture reading and family time.

What's your favorite thing to do with your kids? disneyland! zoo, eat out, movies, snuggle, read, laugh, just about anything! They are great to be around. I am a lucky mommy!

If you could describe yourself in one word, it would be....uh...pregnant? no--crazy! I think CRAZY is the winner!

Jamie with Savannah at Wyatt's birthday party - it's Fisher Jonah's turn to be "in the oven". Expecting his debut this summer! (Don't you love Savvy's Cindy-Lou-Who hair?)