Sista Love: Lizzie

Meet Lizzie:

She is my sister. (Technically she is my sister in law - but I don't know anybody who actually enjoys being technical.) I told her once that in my heart, she was my sister. It was true then, and it's truer, now. I want to send her home with baked goods and dish about her boyfriends just as much as I do with my other three sisters. (more on them, later)

(the sisters, not the boyfriends)

Lizzie lives here, which is a traversable 4 hours away from where we live. She is living it up, college style. The thing is, Lizzie is not the typical college student. She's like the bavarian cream center of gravity that pulls people who have an inner spark of an inkling of what makes life juicy and shows them just what adventure looks like. She's that feeling you get when you wake up from a good dream, and realize that the day ahead of you will be FAR MORE EXCITING than your dream had been! Like if you were going on a tour of NASA or to Disney World or something that day. She's like that.

For example - feeling colastrophobic from the small-town life, one afternoon Lizzie decided to take to the road. She drove for towns and towns, stopping spontaneously when the scenery suggested she might like to take a this one:

Lizzie somewhere in the expanse of Idaho on her spontaneous roadtrip

Lizzie suffers from a common university affliction. I forget what the clinical term for the affliction is, but it's the one where you have entered sophisticated society and all the boys you go to school with are still primates.

Lizzie has a makeshift room in our house (it's a cot, not a bed, but hey! It's not the couch, either!) because we are always trying to get her to come and stay with us. And not just because she usually offers to take Wyatt for an evening, giving Bill and I the chance to go out, and giving Wyatt a chance to play with one of his favorite people. We also actually like her.

Lizzie and I share a love for discovering new recipies and kitchen implements (behold, the ZESTER!). Bill and Lizzie talk music like New Yorkers talk Baseball. Fuhgeddaboudit! Lizzie's impeccable sense of style has kept Wyatt very well dressed. Thanks, Lizzie!

And now, I give you LIZZIE REMINGTON McCRERY! Enjoy!

Hi, Lizzie. Thanks for being with us today.

It's such an honor to be here tonight..... Thank you for having me!

You recently turned 20. What was that like?

I did just turn 20! Turning 20 was out of this world. I had the best birthday week ever! People were calling me three days in advance to be the first to wish me a happy birthday!(Thanks again Aunt Shirley) I was showered with love, got asked out on dates, ate tons of treats and was bombarded by fun gifts galore. I really think that 20 will be my best year yet.....

I understand you had a David Bowie themed party - and that it was the event of the town. How'd that go down?

DAVID BOWIE BASH 2009 was a real hit here in Rexburg. The inspiration came when my friends and I watched Labyrinth earlier this semester. David Bowie was as creepy/groovy as ever and we decided to theme my birthday bash all around his crazy style. The turn out was incredible! So many people came. We dressed like David Bowie, we danced like David Bowie, we ratted our hair like David Bowie. It was brilliant. Truly brilliant. I even had a few people drive up from SLC! Can you believe it?

You are a Music Guru - you always know what's going on in the music biz - new sounds from old greats, and great songs from new artists. So who are you listening to right now?

Hm...Music. I do love music stepper. The top 3 new albums that are rocking my world right now are probably:1. Andrew Bird- Noble Beast 2. Brian Eno & David Byrne - Everything That Happens Will Happen Today 3. Deerhunter- Microcastle

Do you still have a crush on Thom York?

I will always have a crush on Thom Yorke. He's so dreamy.

You run a podcast called No Fridge Buzz - how did you come up with the name?

I do have a podcast called No Fridge Buzz. It has not been updated for quite some time now, but there are some pretty cool live in-studio performances that are worth checking out! The name of the podcast comes from the Radiohead song Karma Police. The line goes something like "...he buzzes like a fridge, hes like adetuned radio.."

What was it like growing up being the only girl (and the youngest!) in a house full of brothers?

I loved being the only girl growing up! It was great I got to be the princess. Sometimes it was kind of hard to be the only female at times, but I would not change my childhood for anything. My brothers are incredible and they have always protected me and loved me and helped me understand my truth worth in this world. I got to build forts and obstacle courses, and I never had to share my clothes with anyone.

No clothes sharing? How weird and foreign! (says the girl with only sisters - that still clothes-share) You do have great brothers - thanks for sharing them with the brotherless. I have often told Bill how thrilled I am to have brothers, now, and C.S. and B.C. make such wonderful brothers in law. They call me on the phone, readers. Do your brothers in law do that?

Ahem, excuse me Lizzie. Forgive the tangent. Speaking of segues, what is your favorite color?

My favorite color is a dingy green.

Which you wear so well!

You've recently discovered a penchant for culinary creations. What's your proudest creation?

OOOOoooo I have really loved baking with my all of my new gadgets!!!!My proudest creation was probably the blackberry cobbler (recipe from Whitney Smith) I made last sunday. It was delicious and a total hit and so easy to make!

What's your biggest pet peeve?

My biggest pet peeve is trying to spread cold butter on bread. Also I hate smelling like food (like if my roommate made food and then I walk outside and my hair has a lingering odor of pork chops or whatever they made.)

If one word could describe you...



Bill said...

My name is Bill McCrery, and I approve this article.

My sister is the best sister.