WHAT IS LOVE? part 1

"Then," said Geric, his brow wrinkling, his voice anxious and tender, "will you have me?"

"Yes." She smiled and laughed. "Yes, of course, yes."

He smiled slowly and broadly. "I say good. Good and good. I was afraid I'd lost you forever....Well then, the first thing I would like to tell you, my lady, and I'd better tell it quickly because my heart is likely to break through my rib cage any moment, the first thing is that I love you."

With happy enthusiasm, he stood up, his hand on his sword hilt and shouted, "I, Geric-Sinath of Gerhard, declare right now that you're beautiful and you're perfect and I'll slay any man who tries to take you from my side. Goose girl, may I kiss you?"

She answered by standing and kissing him first and held his cheeks and closed her eyes and felt sure as bones and deep as blood that she had found her place.

Goose Girl by Rackham