Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am taking a brief hiatus from posting on this here blog. It has become my favorite distraction, and I simply must get on with completing this project (#1 on the to-do list on the last post). I wish I had more self control, I really do - but even if I had no intention of going online - I found myself being pulled into the blogiverse every time I sat down in front of the comforting glow of my flat screen monitor (I was a late-bloomer in this regard. A few months ago, I was still using the BOX type monitor - and liked it fine, but man. I didn't know what I was missing! so much space on my desk!). (see, here I go being all distracted, again)

So I am cutting myself off.

I'll be back next week (or if I finish this project before my projected deadline, I may be back sooner).

I know I'm flattering myself imagining that anyone reads this blog with any sort of regularity; and would, in fact, miss me. But what is a blog good for if not self-flattery?

So, courage, friends, and best of luck getting on without me.



Jeff and Ari said...

I'll have you know I will SO miss your frequent updates. I'm a regular. So HURRAY up with the project and come back to entertain us!

Tamsin said...

Yup, I'll miss you too. I've added your blog to my google reader list, so I read every. single. post. :)

Bill said...

my word verification this time is "bisto"

Bill said...

Now it's "glelo"

sasha spills said...

Boo! Though I admire your determination to finish your lion-esk goals.

My word verification is "inthe" as "in the time"
"in the mood"
"in the blog"

you decide!

b. said...

Since I'm a new fan, I'm hoping your project gets done sooner than later...but I sooooo get the sound of sucking that blogging brings!

Jen said...

So I just got your blog address, and now you're not updating it? Oh, well, I guess I missed out.

Mona said...

What? Going on hiatus when I just merely discovered you!

But at least you will be back, eh?