the way we were...

I am on Bill's computer, trying to find the pictures he took of our trip to the park the other day. i could not find them. instead, i found a PLETHORA of goodies from our days of yore. And I thought...hey. Maybe somebody out there would like to see what our lives were like (and how crazy we looked!) when Bill and I were first married and living in beautiful Seattle.

Back then, we were different. Not totally, but...kinda totally.

We were tough, and wore red leather jackets and hung out in alleys.

And got REALLY excited about treats (especially legendary rootbeer floats at Triple X Rootbeer in Issaquah. The triple X refers to the size of their BURGERS, of course).

We kissed all the time. especially in restaurants where we were having steak.

We had REALLY cool sisters named Lizzie (okay, that's not different at all, but you had to see this picture).

We wore sexy hats.

And had our pictures taken with Thom York. (Lizzie, Daddy Mac, Thom, and Bill)

We made chubby cheeks (again at a restaurant. We were insatiable).

We found EXACTLY what we wanted at Trader Joes (yes, we did actually eat at HOME once in a while)! Oh, Joes. How I miss you.

We reveled in the novelty of snow in our rainy hometown.

We made silent pictures.

Actually, we just hadn't figured out how to use Bill's (then) new camera, yet. But I still like this video - because we're announcing (silently) that we're expecting (Wyatt) - and you get a panorama of the back porch view of our beautiful first home. You also get to sneak a peek inside our first apartment - notice, please, that we have no couch. Just a big orange Lovesac. And the only real furniture we have is the table that Ali gave us for our wedding.

Plus, you can just tell that Bill is being really funny.

We hope you have enjoyed this little blast from the past, which was brought to you by Bill's archived photos, and the letter K.


Queen Scarlett said...

Adorable. What a great idea...I might have to dig into our archives... man...what were we before kids?

That Girl in Brazil said...

Yup. I like you. It's official.

Tamsin said...

We were tough, and wore red leather jackets and hung out in alleys.
That just made me laugh. And then I read it to Nick.

Also, thanks for commenting on my little mum's blog. She was delighted!

Lizzie said...

Now I'm all homesick.....

Stepper the Mighty said...

me too, Lizzie. Mee. Toooo.