This just in...

The professionals that were supposed to save us from our community mosquito problem have, in fact, informed us that we don't HAVE a mosquito problem.

What we have are GNATS.

They look remarkably similar - but one sucks your blood, torments your children and carries diseases (and dinosaur DNA) while the other just hovers annoyingly and occasionally gets swallowed.

I didn't want to believe it - I've SEEN these suckers. They're HUGE! The Gnats I know are tiny floating black specs that swarm in avoidable clouds.

But then Bill reminded me that none of us have a single mosquito bite.

And I just thought we were excellent at dodging.

The Professionals had the courtesy not to laugh at our community. They simply and kindly informed us that it was too early in the season for mosquitoes. We had gnats. Annoying, but harmless.

The mosquito outbreak would be later.


Queen Scarlett said...

I now have the heebie jeebies.

Tamsin said...

Yeugh! And to think I just spent a significant chunk of my afternoon researching mosquito repellant plants. Do you think they work for gnats too?

MikkSolo said...

Kale has an "outside thing" also!

Jen said...

I hate those bugs! They are so annoying! Every time I walk in side, I have to swat at my front door a million times to get some of them off my door. It still doesn't work, they are all over in my house. I kind of wish they were mosquitos so the professionals would have to take care of our out break of insects. The sad part is, I went on a walk the other day up the hill to the walking path, they had nothing! I think it's from our swamp we live by. It's going to be a long summer!