thought chowder

I'm not sure what to post about, today - there are several things on my mind.

Maybe a post about how the Fish got sick from playing with his girlfriend last week (perhaps he sneaked in a post-birthday kiss? He's a charmer, that one), and has been so pathetic I warned him he was liable to break my heart. Instead, he gave me his cold. And why is it that any time a germ comes to visit our house, it always hits ME hardest, and BILL not at all? How come he got all them superior genes, eh? He doesn't even use SUNSCREEN!

Maybe a post about all the various and sundry projects that are going down at chez McCrery - quiet books for church, 4 foot tall banners for the new Recumbent Cycles space, planning a baby shower for her, more of the technical writing project, designing another logo for the second quarter's goal at work, figuring out how to make a superhero cape (yeah, he's a little young - but he had a blanket around his shoulders today, and you'd swear he was as tall and tough as his daddy). Also: must try to create one of the sinful, die-happy Brazilian desserts described here.

Maybe a post about all of the different interpretations out there on the meaning of clean.

Maybe a post about the upcoming GENERAL CONFERENCE that we at the McCrery household are wholly stoked about.

Perhaps a post about how I've lost my keys. And I mean REALLY lost them, this time. And how I'm scared to go to the gym to ask for a replacement scanny tag thingy.

Maybe a post about a stony case of TMJ that sent my husband to the store late last night for a bottle of Ibuprofein and a honest to goodness real live hot water bottle. He brought it home, layed it out on the bed for our scrupulation, and said, "babe. This is a genuine comedic film prop." The severity of the TMJ (couldn't close my mouth) forced me to go pick up my occlusal guard from Dr. Stucki, Dentist this morning. They've had it for about a month, but told me I had to pay for the whole thing all at once when I came to get it, and really, who has $500 lying around? So now I have a mouth guard. I'm wearing it, now. My nerdy superpowers have grown tenfold. You should probably beware.

Or maybe a post about how it's April Fools day, and the best I could muster was telling my husband this morning that I had decided to quit my job. He didn't even have time to respond before I freaked out and yelled, "APRIL FOOLS!" At which point, he said, "good because I was about to tell you how next year there was a job opportunity at a magazine in Las Vegas that I thought we should consider." And the sick part is, he actually had me going.

Happy April Fools. Did you do better than I did?


MikkSolo said...

Victoria got Rischelle with the famous rubber band around the kitchen sprayer gag. Soaking wet I tell you!

Tamsin said...

Aww, sorry about the TMJ :( One of my roommates had TMJ and had to wear a mouth guard at night. The advantage of which was that it gave her a great Sean Connery accent. Put yours in and say "Shaken, not stirred"-don't you feel like James Bond? :)

That Girl in Brazil said...

A most delicious chowder, m'dear. As usual.(And we paid $737 for my husband's bite guard. Be happy. Be very happy.)

something good said...

I've been peeking in on your blog and had to leave a comment this time. I've been putting off the dentist for TMJ-just have to know if the $500 was worth it? Also, your post about Elder Holland was so inspiring! I'm even more excited for conference tomorrow! You're one of those GIFTED writer types!! :o)
Thanks for sharing!