Remember this?

Well...guess what?

And that, my friends, is why I am so full of excuses. I'm pretty much doing a lot of this, lately...

Zumba...some day you and I shall be reunited again. And it better be sooner rather than later, 'cause DANG. I had but two blissful weeks of being at my pre-pregnancy weight - and I am NOT going to gain 50 (you heard me!) pounds AGAIN.

What? Don't look at me - yes I am prone to dramatics. I have a GOOD EXCUSE, remember?

Frivolity aside, though...I am hit-my-knees grateful. Bill and I have wanted this little amoeba for what seems like years (has it really only been months?) and I am clutch-my-heart eager to get my whole family here. Wyatt needs a sibling, because he is just too good not to share. He'll be one heckuva brother.

And I hereby promise to at least have VERY GOOD INTENTIONS to not turn this into a pregnancy blog. I know you all don't want to hear about the pounds, the inches, the doctors visits, the swollen feet, etc. That said, this is MY blog, and I'M the one that's hormonal. I do wud I wan'!

So, yes. I may complain about the woman who shoves her way onto the elevator while everyone else is trying to get off ("Propriety? Noun. conformity to established standards of behavior or manner, suitability, rightness, or justice. See 'etiquette.") or the dude who insists on eating his KRAUT MONSTROSITY in front of me in the check-out line at Costco when I can smell every particle of air like it's sulpher and even the smell of baking bread makes me want to puke. I reserve the right to explore the miracle that is my body and complain about my newly acquired kankles - in the same breath.

But I promise to write about other stuff, too. Mostly other stuff.

Now, pass the pickles.


sasha spills said...

Yay! Congratulations with #2!! :)

Number 2, number 2, number 2

Tamsin said...

Heavens, another McCreery? How much cuteness can one little townhouse contain? I guess we are about to find out :)


Windy Dawn said...

Woo-hoo!! Congrats! :)

Queen Scarlett said...

Cutest way to announce ever. ;-)

Very happy for you... two is much more chaotic, happy and heartwarming.

McCrery said...

I knew it had to be coming!!! I'm so excited! I'm calling Brian right now..

YAY!! Hope you didn't get your Bridesmaid dress yet

Jeff and Ari said...

Oh my gosh! Jeff and I couldn't be happier for you! You are such wonderful parents this is another lucky little person to be a part of your family!

Jen said...

Congratulations!!! I am so excited for you guys. I'm just REALLY sad that we won't be around to see the newbie when he/she is born. You must send us pictures though!

b. said...


I love the photographical announcement....your expressions are priceless!

That Girl in Brazil said...


Dude, I'm gone for a week and you get all knocked up on me.

Congrats, lady.

Motherboard said...

That is the best way to announce a baby I have ever seen! congrats!

(zumba? My local gym teaches that class and i have been thinking about going... is it a blast?)