Act II

Alright, folks, let's talk a little bit about trials.

Have you noticed that EVERYONE is talking about this, lately? Take General Conference, for example. The majority of the talks revolved around themes of overcoming adversity, fortifying ourselves spiritually, relying on the arm of the Lord, having hope amid the storms...I could go on.

The country is talking about an economic crisis (yah feelin' it, yet? We sure are!), a complete Health care and Social Security overhaul, what the heck is going on in the Middle East...I could go on (Pres. Obama, my prayers are with you. Do good things!).

My neighbors are talking about spouses who've lost their jobs, family members who are critically ill, forced moves due to homes lost, empty fridges, empty cupboards, empty gas tanks...I could go on.

The fact is, things right now are tough.

This excites me.

Yes, it's very scary. Uncertainty is scary. Feeling unable to control your own situation is scary. Not being able to help pay a friend's mortgage because we're barely making our own is dismal and discouraging. My little family is suffering from our own form of the Great Depression (aren't we all?). There are more and more demands on our wallets, our energy, our time - and less and less of each to go around.

And my own personal trial: morning sickness seems to be getting worse as the weeks go by instead of better, making it hard, soemtimes, to function on the most basic level (like making dinner for my family). You know what I mean.

But yes, people. I'm excited.

You know what happens when you go through the refiner's fire, right?

Well, yeah. Pain.

But I'm talking about what comes OUT of it. The RESULT.

Because we all know these trials and situations won't last forever (we do know that, right?).

So, I'm putting two and two together, here (and incidentally, why is it always two and two that we're putting together? I don't get it) and here's what I'm thinking: We all seem to be struggling right now. I think this means that something big is coming, and we're being prepared for it. We're being prepared by being placed into the refiners fire. We're being fortified. We're being strengthened. We're being taught.

We're being molded into something awesome.

"Lean not unto thine own understanding" doesn't mean don't bother to try to understand why we have to go through afflictions - we're supposed to learn from this stuff. I think what it means is that we shouldn't rely solely on our own limited and very mortal understanding. There is an eternal plan at work, here; and we're in act two of the play. Happily Ever After doesn't happen in Act Two. Act Two is when things always seem the most confusing - the most dire. It's Act III where everything comes together; all the mysteries solved, the questions answered, the loose ends tied off. And a big fat Happily Ever After.

So trials, you should probably know. I'm not scared. What Alma said to his son Helaman applies to me too (32:3). If I put my trust in the lord, He will support me in my trials and I will be lifted up at the last day.

Yes, please!

So...I'm going to stick it out until Act III, 'cause I'm dying to see how this all comes together in the end - and I definitely want to be something more awesome than I am, now (glares at ever-growing laundry pile, insecurities, and current inability to cook for husband) - and I'm definitely on board for some Happily Ever After.

And now, my favorite little 18 month old trial is awake from his nap and is a-wantin' some attenion.


Queen Scarlett said...

I love this... am going to share this. You are fabulous. Thanks for the reminder about Act III.

MikkSolo said...

I think you hit the nail on the head. I'M INSPIRED. Bring on Act III!