Dirty Dish Friends

The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity. We had a good friend of mine (since tenth grade!) over for dinner (tortoloni, tomato basil soup, and bruschetta) last Tuesday - she taught us Hand and Foot, which has become our new obsession - and she came again on Friday to babysit the Monkeyfish so My Man and I could go out. She did our dishes both times. Not just the dishes...the counter, the Fish's high chair - AND she bought me almond m&m's, which is one of my favorite game treats.

Sunday night we had two couples over for dinner and games - I made haystacks (had a major craving - and boy did it pay off!). We played Settlers of Catan. The Parry's and the Baileys were excellent company - and they also helped clean up the dishes.

Monday night, we had our friends the Jensens and the Terry's over for dinner and FHE. We had chicken enchiladas. Between dinner and FHE - you guessed it - my friends did the dishes.

The thing is - I've been avoiding having people over since I've been feeling bummy and the laundry has piled up and the crumbs on the kitchen floor have become a part of the family and I just. can't. seem. to. get. it. together.

I LOVE having friends over. I love cooking for groups of people. but I hate-hate-hate having a messy house in front of others.


Maybe - but also respect for the company. Who wants to roll around in my dirty dishes?

But that's the thing. These friends of mine did. And when I apologized, mortified, for the mess they were having to put up with, they just laughed at me and told me to go lie down on the couch.

And it really touched me.

Because they MEANT it. It wasn't some obligatory "you fed me, so I owe you a clean sink" nonsense. They really wanted to make my life easier. It was sincere service.

And I really, REALLY needed it. Not the clean sink (though that was HEAVEN, people! You have no idea!) so much as the gesture. It was so delicious to be able to let my guard down, and have these dear souls help to buoy me up.

Thank heavens for sinks full of dishes and good friends.

Moeb (pronounced Meeb, as in Amoeba) update: we heard the heartbeat (MonkeyFish was there, and was very confused about the noise mommy's tummy was making). The Moeb is the size of a lime. I'm second trimester - but yes, still feeling grody. I have sprouted a pregnant stomach overnight and have taken to wearing maternity pants on occasion because - dang, Gina - those things are COMFY.

I know I'll hate them in two months and be stuck with them. But right now - COOL! Baggy clothes!