Hey, That Girl, this one's for you!

Dear That Girl.

I stole your picture from your blog and pasted it here like I had the right. What do you think?

You remember how you asked me for my squee-mail?


Right after you asked, I put it on my sidebar. Just for you. See?

Gen-yew-wine bone-a-fied uhbuhduhSQUEEmail addy.

So, drop me a line! Good luck with the move (I mean it), and uh...you're still in trouble for moving to AZ.



Have you met That Girl? Yes? Aren't you glad? No, you haven't? Well, you should. (kuh-lick!)


That Girl in Brazil said...

HOW freakin' cool are you?! Although you might lose a few points for posting THAT particular picture. (At least you didn't use my potbelly one ...)

Seriously, chickadee, you rock.