Pregnancy Brain

An email I sent to Charami, the English Teacher at New Haven (aka - my partner in crime):

You will appreciate this. Pregnancy brain BIG time.

This morning, the first thing I did was lock my keys in my closet. I stole yours to let myself back in (thanks!).

Then I had to go get something from Laurie’s office, and locked my keys in HER office. Again, I stole your keys to retrieve them (thanks, again). I let myself in to her office and couldn’t find my keys – I thought, maybe I left them in a cupboard or drawer while I was looking for the tape I had gone in there to get. So, after searching her whole office, I found them. In my hand. They were there the whole time.

Just now, I was trying desperately to open my office with Laurie’s key. I was getting VERY frustrated! I don’t know if you’ve seen my key ring, but Laurie’s key is big and black and bent and doesn’t look ANYTHING like the rest of my keys.

My baby is eating my brain!

But I’ve started to feel him/her move! Yippee!

Charami is ready to deliver any day now, so she appreciates the delightful anomalies of pregnancy as one who has almost "been there, done that".

November, baby. November.

(Thanks, Charami, for suggesting I put this on the blog!)


That Girl said...

I think Mommy Brain is even WORST-er. Like when we're on a playdate outing and I'm routinely taking a head count. I'm totally panicked that I can't find my kid when he gently pats my cheek and says, "Mom, you're holding me."


Mac and Charms said...

I loved this email!!! I keep it in my Inbox for days (like today) when I've just about had ENOUGH!!!

PS. Thanks for being my partner in crime/substitute/sanity saver. Work would be unbearable without you!!!

PPS. The girls had so much fun the other day with those poems--I read a few and they were awesome! Nice work!!!