in which stepper wants to play with scissors

I've been having that old craving, again. The one where I hack off my hair into some new interesting do. 'cause the one I've got now just ain't workin' for me.

My last 'real' haircut I payed $60 for. It looked like this:

Sorry, I couldn't find a better picture. My hair was long before that. That was about eight months ago. I think. Anyway, I came home and liked it for about ten minutes, but then was BORED bored bored by it. So I whipped out my own scissors and came up with this:

Much more interesting, don't you think? That's the thing with homemade haircuts. You can bet they'll be more interesting. Well, the beast has grown out a little, and now I'm dealing with this:

Okay, I know that wasn't a very accurate representation. Really, it looks like this:

I want to grow my hair out (I think?), but man. Every time I pass my step falters and my fingers itch, and I get a little twitch in my eye.

Bill lets me cut his hair, so I am satiated for a while.

I just gave Wyatt a haircut, so I should be satiated.

But my tresses bore me, and that is DAN-GER-OUS!

Good thing Billy made me promise to not cut my own hair again until it was grown out ( I tend to get carried away ). But I made him revise that promise to include the touch-up and re-shaping haircuts that are necessary on a shorter do as it grows.

Do you think it counts if I do it myself?

Man - I really need to go to cosmetology school so I can do this for real.

My neighbor (who does have professional training and doesn't get thinning-shears happy) will cut it for $10. I just have to come up with $10.

...and stay away from my scissors.


Jeff and Ari said...

I'm SO glad I'm not the only one with that itch !! I get it all the time so I totally feel you(hence the recent PERM). You always have AMAZING hair. So I can't wait to see the next transformation.

MikkSolo said...

I thinks you should do it like Annie and sing "the sun will come out..." for your grandma just like the 'ol days!

That Girl said...

I get those itches at about 2 in the morning. Every six months or so.

And I always hate it, and I always say I'll grow it out.

And then 2 AM rolls around again ...