Dear Soul who dropped off the lasagna on our doorstep this week,

When Bill brought the pan in from the doorway, heavy in his arms with all the saucy, noodley goodness, we were both so stunned that all we could say was "that is so nice!" several times for several minutes. Both of us standing there, staring at the bounty that was brought in disposable casserole dish no less. Is there any end to your thoughtfulness?

I was so overwhelmed that my mouth would not stop smiling, and my eyes would not stop welling.

Dearest stranger, you fed my family for a week. And did you know that Lasagna is Bill's very favorite? And that I have no idea how to make it? And did you know that I haven't been able to cook much at all, and that Bill has been - for three months now - starved of any food of real substance? He would wander about the house with a dazed look, talking about how he wished he had a snack. Something with MEAT in it. A meaty snack! Can you imagine!

So imagine, dear stranger, how much your gift meant to us. To Bill - who has partaken of your bounty every chance he's had, and who has enjoyed it right to death. And to me, because this week, I not only didn't have to think about what I could (and mostly couldn't) make for my husband for dinner - but I could know that when lunch time and dinner time rolled around at the McCrery household, he had something to eat that he was actually looking forward to.

I was finally able to have a slice myself yesterday (is the morning sickness abating? Guacamole Gravy, I hope so!) and my dear stranger - you are QUITE the chef! If I knew who you were, I would ask for the recipe. And probably a lesson. Lasagna terrifies me.

Dear anonymous stranger - thanks to you, our hearts and our bellies are full. We feel more loved, and more fed. THANK YOU!




Tamsin said...

Wow. I certainly wish that was me, for that would have been a very kind thing to do. Alas, I'm not that awesome. But I do like you!