picking your brains

The remainder of my Writers/Illustrators Conference did not dissapoint - and ended with quite a bang. Let's just say it involved a slide-show musical number complete with wigs, harry potter wands, "more cowbell" and an appearance by none other than Death himself.

I don't know how they're going to top that next year. I am saving my pennies so that I can be there to find out!

I still have that song in my head. The key phrase being, "don't fear these writers."

And yes! I have done some actual writing since the conference! Oh, how I want to perpetually glomp my parents for sending me to the conference. And my husband for being willing to be a bachelor (with a toddler!) for an entire week. We hardly saw each other. I'm excited to make it up to him this week in celebration of Father's Day.

I'm always up for turning a one-day celebration into a week-long party.

Oh - and also - I got to hold baby Fisher for two seconds yesterday while Jamie was loading the kids up after our 2nd Sunday feast at my parent's house.

Isn't life sweet?

And now, enough of updates - I must solicit your help. We are hostessing a bridal shower for my darling cousin. It's a "personal shower" theme. So you can see my problem. Most people see "personal shower" and think, "what the heck is that?"

Really, it makes me think of an actual SHOWER, and all I can think about is soap and loofas.

Which don't make very good decorations.

My mother and sisters and I are putting our heads together on this one. We all love to throw parties (my mother started it - she is the original "hostess with the mostest". She is the master. She is the standard. She and my dad designed their house to accommodate large family parties.) and we love to give them that little something extra.

So let's have your ideas! I know you have them - I've been a blog-wanderer for MONTHS now, and I KNOW you all have incredibly clever brains. Which I love to shamelessly steal from.

We were thinking something along the lines of "pamper the bride" - with a sub Spa Theme. Ali may or may not do paraffin hand wax makeovers, depending on how many guests we have. We'd give little lotions or nail polishes and chocolate for favors. We may have a fruit bouquet on the menu.

We are not married to this idea.

Alright, ready? DISCUSS!


Rosie Rose said...

I like the idea of doing something pampery, because I think something like that may make the party more memorable than some of the shower games that are fun but easily forgotten. Or you could have your cousin paint everyone's toenails as a sign of appreciation to all who come... I'm afraid I'm not very good at party ideas. But I wanted to say hullo and I wish to high heaven I could be at the shower.

Jeff and Ari said...

This is a tough one. When I think personal in relationship to a bridal shower I think either spa, or lingerie (naughty I know :)!). Depending on the guest list, this sounds like a spa event rather than the latter. You could create a spa-like atmosphere and do all things to help relax and beautify the main lady for her big day. I will think about it more...

MikkSolo said...

Are there going to be whoppers in diapers? That's my favorite!