At our house, we like Gyoza.

At our house, this is what Bill requests for his Father's Day meal. Not as an appetizer. As the ENTIRE MEAL. And yes, we can eat the entire batch in one evening.

At our house, do not call them pot stickers. We don't know why this offends us. Probably because "pot stickers" are Chinese, and "Gyoza" are CLEARLY Japanese.

At our house, this is what goes in 'em:

This is how we do it:

At our house, we can barely contain ourselves in anticipation as we assemble the salty goodness.

See the bump? That's the Moeb. The Moeb likes Gyoza, too. The Moeb has requested it twice since Father's Day...and is thinking about it, again.

I am but a vessel for the Moeb. The Moeb speaks vicariously through me. This is how I know these things.

and as a special treat for Bill on Father's Day - he got a wife making him Gyoza while pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen.

I would show you what enjoying gyoza looks like at our house - but at our house, we ate them all gone.

Next time.



MikkSolo said...

I will teach you to make Lasagna if you will teach me how to make gyoza - deal?!


Queen Scarlett said...

Because I'm feeling bratty tonight:

The Japanese word gyōza (ギョーザ, ギョウザ) was derived from the reading of 餃子 (Jiǎozi in Mandarin Chinese) in the Shandong Chinese dialect (giaozi) and is written using the same Chinese characters.

Stepper the Mighty said...

Rischelle - YES!

Queen Scarlett - No way! So the Japanese did steal them from the Chinese. I am agog.

b. said...

I LOVE gyoza, pot stickers, dumplings...whatever you want to call them. I love them all, everyone.

Queen Scarlett said...

The history of the Japanese - the story goes that the Emperor of China asked a group of people to go find the fountain of eternal life - and that they'd be killed if they returned without it... so they never returned and settled in what we now know as Japan.

You know that their Kanji is based off of Chinese characters...and that they still use many of the Chinese characters...right? ;-)

...also... Marco Polo... pizza from China... known as bing.

If it wasn't for opium, and the conflicts with the Western world, had China not barricaded itself - we might see a very different world in terms of top tier countries.

Rosie Rose said...

You have beautiful feet. I think in your case, cooking barefoot in the kitchen actually is very attractive.