How 'bout more song?

Wyatt grooved to the beats of Beethoven even pre-entry into the world (oh, the things we subject our fetus' to). He enjoys a good symphony, gives it up for Fleet Foxes and TV on the Radio, turns circles around the carpet to Simon and Garfunkle and sings along to Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan: You just kinda wasted my precious time. But don't think twice, it's alright.

Wyatt: Twice! it Aaaaaaal-RIGHT!

On our trip to WA while Bill and I were happily subjecting our offspring to the sounds of Sigur Ros, Bon Iver and Arcade Fire, Wyatt picked up a new phrase.

Any time the tunes would stop (be it answering a phone call from the parental units on the road a few hours ahead of us, me hitting the "off" button for a quick remark about something I just saw on the road, or even just the natural pause between songs on the MP3 mix Billy made) Wyatt would chime in with:

"How 'bout more song!"

to which we would happily oblige.

On our way to Sunflower Market last night to pick up some limes (10/$1, people! Getcha some! nothing better than some lime water or some homemade limeade on sweltering days in Late July, Utah) wyatt decided that he didn't like listening to mom and dad talk about whatever, and so piped his request.

How 'bout more song?

We turned on some Sufjan Stevens for him - but I got to thinking.

Wyatt could sing along to Dylan...but he didn't know about the ants marching one by one. He recognizes Beethoven but couldn't tell you about a doggie in the window.

"We need a CD of kid songs" I announced to Bill.

"Okay" Bill said. "Uhm...why?"

I told him about my nephew Jaxon who when he was Wyatt's age knew a train song by heart. I told him about his little voice singing "chug chug toot toot off we go!" and how it melted the hearts of all women in earshot. And Megan's affection for Baby Balooga.

Even I had Annie's "Tomorrow, tomorrow!" in my 2 year old arsenal.

"It's not for our sake, and only half for Wyatt's" I said.

"It's for the grandmas," Bill surmised, and I nodded.

And so we agreed. Something to play in the car for Wyatt to sing along to when we were driving places. He's been learning "twinkle star" and gets a big kick out of it, so we know he'll enjoy it. Plus, when the grandmas and aunts ask for a song, he'll have a plethora to choose from. They never ask for just one, you know.

But we're picky. We want the classics, but rendered by someone NOT annoying. And no harpsichord. fellow bloggies. We look to your experience. What has worked for your chillins (or you, if you remember) and what, pray tell, should we avoid at all costs?

Wyatt's musical prowess and our sanity rest in your hands.

(PS: remember the "safety kids"? Whatever happened to them?)


MikkSolo said...

We have some family fav's...
ALL Primary songs - Popcorn Popping is Kale's Fav!
Twinkle, already have that one.
ALL the Nursery Rhymes
Popular from Wicked
Many Musicals, current fav is Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Mulin Rouge (music - not the movie!)

The list changes constantly. You gotta make it fun for the kids and for the parents, so we don't usually go for any kid CD's. They just get to listen to all our garb, which it sounds like you already have mastered.


MikkSolo said...

p.s. We do enjoy all the Joy School Songs too. But Shawn can only handle those for so long!

Jen said...

That's funny you bring up the "Safety Kids." We were having an adult party the other day and started singing the Safety kids, so of course we had to search the internet and see what we could find. Here is the website if you're interested. I sure do love those Safety Kids!

Ali said...

I found safety kids for sale online here
We started singing this at school randomly the other day too! It was awesome!

~j. said...

I've tried to get my kids to like Schoolhouse Rock, but they'd rather keep singing Single Ladies and Let It Be, which is fine by me.

They Might Be Giants has some AWESOME kids stuff out there, we've got the "Here Come The 1-2-3s" DVD/CD, I highly recommend it.

And...I've got all the Safety Kids stuff.

Tamsin said...

I've NEVER stopped belting out my favourite kids songs, so that's not quite as much of a concern for our offspring. In fact, we'll be bringing back some much loved tapes from my childhood when we go to Norway in a couple of weeks :)

Mac and Charms said...

Oh man...I love the Safety Kids!!!

"We're gonna be smart..and we're gonna be Care-ful!!! We're going to be the Safety Kiiiids...."

I never grew up; I'm so sorry.

Also...I feel terrible that you had to do my share of the work while they looked for a new teacher...That was my one regret while leaving; I had a feeling the worst of it might fall on your shoulders.

If there's any way I can redeem myself, let me know. You are the best, Stepper!!!