Our Vacation

...a story told in pictures.

I should say a picture show telling the story of our vacation with only a slight attempt at organization.



Monkey Fish : took to the water like a fish (not a Monkey)

The Man and The Fish

There was this old surfer man who was there with a camera crew trying to catch a decent curl (check out my surfer lingo, dude!) but there were none to be had. Only pansy waves to play with. Poor, poor surfer man. I guess his documentary will have to wait.

everyone playing in the water (well, yeah. except me).

the Dat, the Jamie, the Fisher (little beach bundle) and the Savvy

I got a pack of nectarines at Trader Joes and they were gone in 2 days.
Oh, Joes. How I miss you.


Day one: all I'm thinking about is CHURRO!

(Churro, churro, churro)

TOWER of TERROR - in front: Billy, Soup, Jamie, and Jeff.
Please note the two spies behind Soup.

Taking a break while I assist Wyatt with locating his nose.

The Two Preggo's and the Princess. The Disney full animated feature coming this fall.
Braids were required that day. Savvy didn't get the memo.

When we got sick of Wyatt, we just left him hanging on poles.

He didn't mind.
Day one. Tram ride to the park from the parking lot. Wyatt is so completely thrilled to be on a "train!". He has no idea what he's in for.the Fish sportin' his new hat and his new Monkey backpack - necessities for a day at the DL. (See, at the beach he's a Fish and at the park he's a Monkey. And I thought I just made that nickname up!)
Okay, so...we took a LEISURELY (45 minute!) "stroll" (see long line) through Pixie Land to catch a glimpse of Savannah's hero: Tinkerbell. After all the wait, we got to see this pixie:
Who the heck is she?! And when we inquired after Tink, Orange Pix got a bit huffy and said she "went inside to eat something".

Obviously a liar. Everyone knows pixies eat grass.

Wyatt thought this was WAY more impressive than our homemade fireworks show on the 4th (tho' there was a stark lack of homemade ice cream).

One of Billy's favorites: Buzz Blasters.

Grandpa ("Bah-pah" to Wyatt. Or on occasion, and for reasons beyond us, "bubbles") was Wy's special friend the entire trip. Wy'd go out of his way to hold Grandpa Rusty's hand while walking, and get Grandpa Rusty to carry him when everyone else told him to suck it up.

Thanks, Bubbles!

Dumbo - you still got it!

Wy loved Pirates. Now, whenever boats are mentioned, he starts his chant of "pirates! pirates!"

The End.


Tamsin said...

Are there limits to how much I can fawn over your son?

MikkSolo said...

Mikkelson's want to go with you guys some day! Looks like lots of fun!

Tammy said...

You did a great job archiving this vacation - we had FUN! didn't we?