This is it, guys! My 100th post! Which naturally calls for


oh, the excitement!

I feel the need to make this clear upfront (to avoid the tears, you know):

1. This giveaway will be in no way as spectacular as these guys.
2. My skills are nowhere near as well developed as hers.
3. No sponsors here, so this isn't actual professional merchandise your getting or anything. Pretty much it's something made by my very own two hands (and probably teeth, because when you only have two hands, where are you supposed to hold all your pins???).


4. Your thing will be made with lots of thought and care by yours truly. And homemade is usually much better. I mean look at bread! And birthday cards.
5. You WIN it - which you have to admit feels awesome.
6. It's FREE! The only thing better than free is when it's in combination with winning. Agreed? Good.

So, let's get started.

I am a liberated woman (what?), which means I believe in choices. So! Should you be the luck-duck-ucky winner of today's official 100th POST FIRST GIVEAWAY EVER EVENT, you may choose from the following prizes:


Prize Number One:

Your very own custom made MONSTER

no monsters are alike - but they all want to eat you.

Prize Number Two:

A very hip and stylin' APRON for your kitchening adventures!

Choose from half (shown above) or full apron styles. They're not white (like above) - they're incredibly colorful. And have pockets. And sometimes buttons.

Prize Number Next:

Smelly-good salt scrub - excellent for hand washing at the sink or all-over exfoliating in the tub!

Depending on how far this prize is going - I may also throw in a loaf of homemade bread (white or wheat!) and some cookies. Because...well, COOKIES!

Here's how you enter:

Leave a comment on this post including the following:
1. Your name (please no addresses/phone numbers - we'll get those from you later. More securely.)
2. Why you want and/or deserve to win
3. Why you think Stepper is awesome, and
4. Which you think is a better dessert: Pie or Cake.

You don't get pie or cake. I'm just curious.

We'll close this thing on Friday.

Tell your friends - and if they win, make them split the cookies with you.


C said...

I would love to win one of your fabulous prizes, because hand made really is better!(Plus I live in Utah County so I'm hoping for some bread too, yum!) I think you are awesome because you make me laugh and you make me think. Hmmm, pie or cake is a real toughie. I'm gonna go with pie! Yeah pie!

Anonymous said...

1 - Ali, Alilicious, or Chim Chim depending on the day.
2 - I want to win because I never win anything so that would be cool, but mostly because I think that no nursery is complete without a little monster (not including the one that cries in the middle of the night of course), no professional housewife (as I now am) can hope to survive without an apron and no one has lived until they have tried homemade salt scrub! Plus I am an avid reader of your blog :) and your sister :D and we shared star filled nights with nothing but a tarp and a few sleeping bags ;D
3 - Like most things it depends. Pies such as bananna creame are of course the best but sometimes cake, especially if it is chocolate with rasberry sauce is exactly what you need. So um YES Pie or Cake please!

Jeff and Ari said...

This is Ari. I am completely interested in your contest. I have NEVER won anything online before so this would be very, very exciting for me. I religiously check your blog - at least twice a day (I don't think I have ever read someone's musings that are so well written that they can make silicon interesting). Therefore that has to put me in some kind of special category of fan. I also could use the items listed as prizes and would have a difficult time choosing just one :)! (although I would lobby for that homemade bread also, just because I am dying to try it!). And when it comes to pie vs. cake, there just isn't a decision to be made. Apple pie is the best all-American dessert there is ... topped with ice cream (memories from visiting Grandma). But on the other hand nothing makes my day happier than the prospect of gooey chocolate cake ... the gooier and chocolaty-er the better. So ... in conclusion - both!! I can't wait to hear the results of this very exciting contest!

Mona said...

1. Naomi
2. That monster made me smile this morning and aprons are hot and salt scrub just makes any shower (or bath) that much better. So really, who wouldn't want to win?
3. If this pie is filled with fresh fruit, then it's pie. But I'll do almost anything for a good piece of homemade chocolate cake.

Jen said...

1. This is Jen
2. I want to win because I miss Stepper So much since I'm now 1771.76 miles away (although I understand if you don't pick me because of shipping cost.)
3. Stepper has always been so nice to me. I always feel like she always cares about me and isn't just saying nice things to be nice. She is truly a great friend.
4. I'd have to say...cake...no pie..oh I don't know, they are both just too good.

Queen Scarlett said...

1. Queen Scarlett.
2. Because I was here.
3. Because Stepper was here.
4. Cake...with fruity filling.

I love the monster... LOVE IT.

Lara and Jayson said...

Stepper, I didn't know you had a blog! I am so glad you posted a link to it on Facebook so that I can add another blog to my list.

1. Lara, Larsi-Bear, Lara-Bara-Chocolate, Larva, depending on who is addressing me
2. Why wouldn't I want to win!?! Your homemade crafts are superlicious! (That is my new word of the day)
3. I think Stepper is awesome because she has lots of freckles, just like me!
4. This is a tough one. Does cheesecake count as pie or cake? I know it has the word cake in its name, but it seems to be more of a pie with the crust and all. I think I will have to go with cheesecake as my favorite dessert, be it a pie or a cake.

Anonymous said...

So I debating on leaving a message because this would be an open admission that I have been blog stalking you.... for like a week. But then the idea of winning stuff well, won me over. Yeah, how I found you may stay a forever mystery... Here goes.
1- Nicole- the new New Haven you/Charami... that Nicole
2- I deserve to win because I am in desperate need of free stuff with my teacher salary. And I deserve it for all out rocking. That and you would pay not a dime for shipping.
3- Stepper for being an amazing person all together. For helping me step (no pun intended) my way into the teaching process and not laughing at me when I had no idea what you were teaching because I had never learned it myself.
4- Cake is always better.... I just don't do pie crust (unless it is graham cracker or oreo... then it's ok) but cake is still better.

Grandpa Rusty said...

Grandpa Rusty here (because it would be so much harder to type on my keyboard if I was someplace else and my computer was here, which it is, and so am I).
I need a monster so I can fall asleep next to it and roll over on top of it so my cheek mashes against it and I end up with charmingly delightful button imprints on my face when I go to work so people will say things to me like, "Did you run face-first into an overcoat hanging in front of a brick wall again?" and "I see you found an excellent alternative to getting a tattoo - you've embossed your face." Maybe mostly though I could use it to frighten away a very, very bad man who is going to stab me to death in back on Friday night, October 16th... and then again every Friday, Saturday and Monday night, twice on Saturdays, until finally on Monday, November 2nd he'll stab me to death for the last time. And why would allow him to do such a dastardly deed over and over again? Because I have no fearsomely cute monster friend to frighten him away. That, and because the script says so. (But I've rarely been one to follow someone else's script, so perhaps if I had the monster one night I'd turn around and mash the monster into his face so he'd have the embossed cheek. Ha! Take that, Mr. Roat!)
Stepper is awesome because she inherited all the wonderful traits of her mother, and skillfully avoided taking after her father's faults, and then added upon that wondrous foundation with enormous doses of creativity, brilliance, kindness, wisdom and love.
I love both pie and cake, as my fluffy physique so cleverly announces to the entire world; but if I have to choose, I choose cake because it is so much better dropped into a bowl of milk and eaten like cereal.

MikkSolo said...

1. Rischelle
2. Because I am a Super-Fan of everything Stepper. Your prizes are all the things I want from you already!
3. Because Stepper is a truly phenomenal inspiration to me. She has all the talents and strengths I've always wished I had. But mostly because I admire her as a wife and as a mother - the two roles in life that I think are most important.
4. Hands down, pie - but it has to have homemade crust! Right now on the menu, peach pie.