...and we're back

Well, life has slowed considerably this weekend...after three months of double duty at work, they have finally hired a new English Teacher. I say finally mostly on their behalf because I know they've been looking for a while, and have been eager to free me up to get back on top of my duties as Academic Coordinator - but I must admit. I am going to dearly miss teaching.

How come none of you teachers I know ever told me it was so rewarding?

Oh you did?


Even though I'm very sad to let it go - and if I had a choice between the two jobs I'd go with teaching - I am relieved to be back to having just the one. I need to get good at it again (I did let a few balls drop, a few strings go, a few things slide while I was doing my song-and-dance at the front of the classroom) and I'm looking forward to feeling in control of my work once more.

And even though my last day as 'teach' is technically not until Monday, I've already felt the shift within me. My crazy-messy house seems brighter, seems more peaceful. Weird, right? I mean, I've got hours of housework ahead of me this weekend, but I CAN'T WAIT! My boys are more irresistible. My pile of 'to read' books has begun to call to me again. All the projects I've got hanging out on the back burner of my mind are creeping forward, and now I'm here with open arms.

I'm regaining myself. And I've missed me.

Seriously, guys. I don't even know how pregnant I am. That's how bad it's been these past few weeks. How many weeks am I? No clue.

And I've missed the blogging world. Did you miss me? You guys are great. Did you know?

I think that everyone should join me. Find that lay-z-boy recliner in your own brain, put on your mental pajama pants and curl up with a good book and a tall glass of ice cold limeade.

Everybody with me now....



Terresa said...

My two sisters are teachers and love it as much as any chocoholic curled up with a warm dark fudge brownie (very much that is). Me, I'm a Writer/Librarian but find that teaching is a part of that, also, as well as part of being a mama (which I am full time).

Love your blog header, I would take it out for ice cream if I could.

Also, the books you're reading: "Bird by bird" is the next book on my "to read" list after I finish rereading "Writing down the bones"...