Fisher (Jamie's youngest) was blessed on Sunday.

Bill and I found stewards-for-the-day for our church responsibilities, packed ourselves into our blue Rav-4 (which I washed and vacuumed myself, thank you very much) and made the hour trek out to Eagle Mountain.

We saved 3 rows of pews for our massive (and massively supportive) family. During the meeting, Wyatt successfully broke free from Bill & I and into the arms of his willing Grandma Tammy and eventually down the row behind us to Rischelle's lap where he played with all of Kale's toys and ate all of Kale's snacks. Kale didn't mind. Kale is cool.

And Fisher was blessed to be good and strong by his proud father.

After the meeting we adjourned to Jamie's cute house and her well maintained back yard where we feasted on the delightful spread and sat outside in the cool 70 degree afternoon, admiring each other.

And I thought about how good it was - to be outside in God's world. Surrounded by the people He put into my life.

My neat family = Another testament that he knows me. And loves me.

My family is made up of my favorite people to hang out with - and as a family, we are given many many excuses to get together. And my family takes any and every opportunity.

For which I am also grateful.

I want this for my children.

Which made me think of how Fisher and ? McCrery (November) and ? Cope (January) will be cousins close in age, and will eventually play with all of their cousins the way I grew up playing with mine: coming up with dorky plays to put on for the grown ups, inventing star ships or pirate ships out of furniture and blankets, or a million possibilities for games with a single flashlight. And I thought about how our kids' parents will sit around in each other's living rooms and talk about 'boring adult stuff' like my parents and aunts and uncles did while we played - speaking in codes we didn't understand (and didn't care to).

Which made me think of things moving in heavenly circles. As Wyatt loves to say, "round and round."

Which makes me think how a baby blessing is very, very appropriately named.

Wyatt and cousin Savannah playing with one of the Adams' pet chickens. You heard me.