winner winner!

I don't have an excel random number generator. I opened excel to find it, and apparently you have to actually INSTALL it, and who has that kind of excel prowess?

So I used my (even better) random number generator: BILL.

We put numbers in a little black bag (very mysterious) and he pulled out number 9! My least favorite number - but one of my favorite people.

Congratulations, GRANDPA RUSTY! You are the proud new owner of either a MONSTER, an APRON (woo woo!) or some SALT SCRUB!

Betcha I know what you'll pick!

And also - based on your comment - sounds like you're in another play! How exciting! I can't wait to hear who you'll be and in what play and when you'll appear on stage.

Since I have your number on speed dial and know where you live, let's skip the exchange of digits, shall we? Instead, just let me know (officially) which prize you'd like, and I'll (officially) get right on it! (I also need to know which version of bread you'd prefer, and what flavor of cookie).

Thanks, all, for participating. I feel very loved - and I am impressed by your pie vs. cake selections. It's a difficult topic, I know.

And now, please excuse me while I open my arms wide, close my eyes, and fall backwards into the soft pillows of a WEEKEND that hasn't been BOOKED.


Grandpa Rusty said...

Wahoo! Hazzah! Yippee! I'm a weiner!

Oh, wait, I mean winner.

Thanks, Stepper!