Cravings, Aversions, and Bump of the Day: That Girl!

Pickles? Yes. Absolutely. Jars full of them in my refrigerator, PLEASE. But as a pregnancy craving? Not so much. I have just always loved pickles. And salt and vinegar potato chips. Salty/bitter/tartness is too interesting a flavor combination for me to pass on.

I have been known to crave a Bill McCrery Bean and Cheese Burrito on occasion. And I'm always craving cold, sweet fruit. Pregnancy with Wyatt introduced me to Italian Food - which I hated before - and which now I still enjoy. Pregnancy with Moeb has filled me with a passion for root beer that I never had before - even in childhood.

But cravings are mostly lost on me. My pregnant body would rather OBJECT to certain foods rather than cling to them.

Moeb is decidedly vegetarian. For the first five months, i couldn't stand meat. Now I can eat it, but can't stand the smell of it cooking. In any form.

Absolutely no tuna in my presence. Please take your Stroganof over the boarder into the next town. Garlic may as well be a needle in my eye (especially since my amped-up sniffer can detect it seeping from pores for DAYS after!). Rotisserie or fried chicken? I avoid the isle in the grocery store like I avoid solicitors.

And fresh, uncooked vegetables are NOT this pregnant girl's friends (though cooked carats are decidedly heaven-sent).

What about you? What strange things did/do you crave? Any conversions to things you hated before and now can't get enough of? And what culinary monstrosities send you screaming to the other end of the house?

And, please welcome our BUMP of the DAY!

Belonging to the charming and insightful

That Girl

I am jealous of her house full of little boys. I am jealous of her cute little bump (and her cute little rump, let's be honest). Oh, and also: that couch!

Ahem. Let's get started.

First of all, how far along are you? Only twelve weeks. It's depressing.

What has been the thing you have enjoyed the most so far about being pregnant? Babies! I love trying to identify body parts through my bulge ... feeling them kick and hiccup and twirl and somersault ... talking to my baby and crying over my impatience to hold him ....

Or her? Three boys does not necessarily a pattern make...or something.

What has been the hardest thing to cope with this go-around? Never-ending nausea. Crippling, debilitating nausea. Ceaseless, tormenting nausea. Oh, and nausea.

Ugh! Poor girl! What kind of Prenatals are you using? Ummmm ... I just go with a complete multi. (Shhhh. Don't tell my doctor.)

People just love to comment to expecting moms. What is the most awkward thing someone has said to you? Since I have three boys, people give me all kinds of tips for ensuring a girl. Which is funny, since it's pretty much decided already. ("Leave the window open when you make love! Douche with baking soda afterwards! Do it in the doggy position and then stand on your head!") You think I'm kidding.

Haha! and also Ack! That's terrible. You win.

What is your go-to item of maternity wear? Stretchy black pants. I feel all Angelina Jolie-ish.

Is there anything about pregnancy that you didn’t expect or that has caught you by surprise? Something where you’re like, “why didn’t anyone ever tell me…?” Ummmm ... mostly it's stuff that I'd heard already, but didn't WANT to believe. Like, for example, the fact that I would NEED MATERNITY CLOTHES AT ONLY FIVE WEEKS with my fourth baby. Mmm-kay.

Cravings or changed food habits? SOUR. LOTS AND LOTS OF SOUR. And eggs. Eggs are good.

Has anyone shared a particularly unsettling labor war story with you, yet? Probably the 36-hour-labor-and-broken-pelvis one. That still gives me the weebie jeebies.

What’s the most interesting baby/expecting mommy gift you’ve received thus far? Someone once gave me a book of poetry about little boys ... except it was all very derogatory and anti-male. I think they thought it was funny. I threw it away.

GOOD! Boys are awesome!

Is it going to be strange? Having a baby in the States? NOT AT ALL. My first was actually born here, and it was heaven. I'm thoroughly looking forward to good doctors and no Brazilian advice. (THAT would be a whole 'nother post ....)

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Thanks, That Girl!