Work it! And Bump of the Day: ALI COPE!

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At this point in my pregnancy with Wyatt, we had just moved from Washington to Utah. By this point, I was unemployed. Two months to go, and many empty days ahead of me.

Days I filled with reading pregnancy books and magazines, preparing our living space for a wee one, buying those last minute items, washing everything in Dreft and preparing for the pending holidays - with an addition to the family (another stocking to hang!).

This time, I will be working until Moeb knocks on the door.

On the one hand - this pregnancy has gone by SO much faster, what with days being filled to the brim and overflowing with work, church calling, a husband in school and a toddler.

On the other hand - maybe this is why we are still completely unprepared (physically) for her debut?

What about you? Did you work through your pregnancy or not? Was it hard or not? If you did work - when did you begin your maternity leave? Did you return to work afterward? Did your boss throw you a baby shower or snarl at you and your growing bump?

And please welcome our Bump of the Day: ALI COPE

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Ali didn't send me any pictures to post - so I sneaked on to her FB account and STOLE one.


Ali is my sister - and we are expecting at the same time (fun!). At one point during this pregnancy, Jamie was expecting, also. Three little cousins - what blessings!

First of all, how far along are you? I will be 26 weeks on Friday. I always seem to be rounding up. On Saturday I'll say, I'll be 27 weeks on Friday :) We are pretty excited and VERY impatient.

Both of your older sisters had a boy first – and you’re currently gestating a little fellow of your own. What do you think? Awesome tradition, or simple coincidence? Steve was always so confident we would have a girl first. When we actually started expecting, I just knew it was a boy. The doctor told us it was a girl and I was like no that's wrong! So when he said "just kidding, it's really a boy," I was so relieved that he figured it out that I started to cry (Just like tears down my cheeks not like sobs). It had been a very stressful few minutes!

Since the beginning, I was just so confident that he would be healthy and strong and a boy. It's hard to imagine that precedence had anything to do with it; but then again, maybe the tradition is why he was just always a boy for me... I dunno???

Anyway, we are excited because he has boy cousins on both sides that are just 6 months older. So no matter which side of the family we are with, he will have someone to play with.

What is your little guy’s name going to be? We are 98.9% sure that we are going to name him Malachi Steven Cope. We want to call him Ky for short, although we debate about how his nickname will be spelled. Do we go with Chi which is how it is spelled in his name or Ky because it makes sense by itself. All suggestions and opinions are welcome on THAT little debate.

Any special significance to the name? We like Malachi because it is a nice, strong name. It's the name of a prophet, and not so common that he will have 3 other kids in his class with the same name - but his teachers should still know how to pronounce it.

Steven, after his father. I totally believe that the first son should be named after his father. It is a tradition in Steve's family and I think that it is great! He will be an example for his younger siblings and hopefully being named after his father (who is an incredibly great man) will help him be inspired.

And Cope because that is our last name and then people will know that he belongs with us. :)

What has been the thing you have enjoyed the most so far about being pregnant? Feeling and sometimes seeing him move. Although there have been some pretty incredible moments with the ultrasounds. When we first went in and they showed us his heart beating and we knew that this pregnancy would last, it was a pretty incredible feeling!

What has been the thing you’ve complained the most about during this pregnancy? My back is already hurting. I have a hard time sitting for a long time, and finding a sleeping position is super hard because of it. I still have quite a way to go so the fact that my back hurts already is kind of annoying. I also wish I had more energy. I seem to be tired all the time. I feel like I never get anything done. Oh well, its all worth it in the end!

Prenatal Vitamins: What kind are you using? Are they treating you so good or no good? I am using the Women's prenatal program thing from GNC. I have tried a bunch and this kind is more expensive but they don't make me sick, which is awesome! It comes with a prenatal, an extra calcium supplament (which is good since I spent the first 22 years of my life avoiding milk) and DHA for extra brain and eye health (for Malachi not me). Anway, I used to take the one-a-day stuff and I threw them up more than I kept them down. So i pretty much swear by them. :)

People love to comment when they learn you are expecting. What is the most awkward thing someone has said to you? WOW! You are only 23 weeks? You are huge! Are you sure there is only one baby in there? Then she felt horrible and tried to apologize, but it was okay. I love being prego and I am VERY proud of my baby bump. I love that people ask me when I'm due instead of giving me that measuring look that says "I think you are preggers but you might just be fat so I'm not going to say anything" Plus I am carrying low and very out in front so its pretty obvious!

Is there anything about pregnancy that you didn’t expect or that has caught you by surprise? Something where you’re like, “why didn’t anyone ever tell me…?” Um I already can't really shave my legs or clip my toe nails, let alone paint them. The crazy thing is that my husband loves me pregnant. He doesn't even mind the hairy legs. He is just as proud of my baby bump as I am and tells me so often that I am beautiful. I never thought I would feel so proud of my body when it is looking so against everything society tells us is beautiful.The most surprising thing is that I feel beautiful and confident in my body more now than ever before.

That is absolutely awesome.

Any cravings or changed food habits? Now I crave and love milk. I even drink the weird flavored milk in the bottom of the cereal bowl! I also have like NO sweet tooth. I hardly ever crave or even want anything sweet.

What is your go-to item of maternity wear? I just got some XL sweat type pants at old navy that I could just live in!