in which Stepper gains a sister...

Shamefaced Disclaimer: The author of this post realizes that it has been over a week since the wedding. She would like the viewer to be aware that she attempted this post a few times, but had trouble getting the pictures off of Bill's computer. She is not making this up!

Meet the newest McCrery:

joined the coolest family ever SEPT 5th, 2009.

Isn't she a stunning bride? You think so? Too bad she was even more stunning in person - and you can't blog 'in person', you know?

She married this guy:

Clinton = keeper. We all agree.

So before we break into the festivities - I know you have all been dying to see the Monkeyfish in his tux. So without (very much) further Ado, I give you...

Monkeyfish BEFORE:

(Seen here with ridiculously adorable cousin Peyton.
Ring Bearer and Flower Girl, respectively.)

The Monkeyfish AFTER:
:: insert pause here for reaction to such studly adorableness ::

He loved his Tux. You wouldn't think so, would you? But I think he knew how debonair and (sob) grown up it made him look. Plus the shoes made cool clickety-clack sounds on the floor!

You guys. Look at what I get to claim as mine, all mine:

You can imagine how I was all over them both the entire evening. So durn attractive, the lot of 'em!

Me in all my pregnant very-nearly-didn't-find-a-workable-bridesmaid-dress-in-time glory:

That's Lizzie hiding behind Amy hiding behind Peyton. And then a cute bridesmaid whose name I think was Aubrey. High school buddy of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton McCrery. Just had a baby. Fit into that little dress. Love/hate her.

Bill stood and gave a wonderful toast. From the heart. He never uses notes for these things. He just amazes me. When he does stuff like this (below) and stuff like leading that group of dancers in Michael Jackson's THRILLER on the dance floor later that evening - I get know.

They cut some of this......and stuffed it in each other's faces. But no cause for concern - it was a very classy face stuffing.

Aunt Maime leans in to whisper conspiratorially to the Monkeyfish (they adore each other). Lizzie politely pretends not to listen.
Uncle Gary and Aunt Shirley (aka: Uncle Bapa - maybe - and Aunt Grammy; we're still not settled on Uncle Gary's grandfatherly name for our kids to use): two of my favorite people in the whole world. Doesn't she look divine in purple? And don't you love his grin?

Naturally, the Fish missed his nap(s!). Toward the end of the evening, he was a zombie - but thankfully still a pleasant zombie. Until he was KIDNAPPED by Diana...

Who, with her magical touch, soon had him doing this: the corner of the dance room. Picture this scene including really loud music, flashing lights, and crowds of dancers whooping. Thus you understand the power of Diana's magic.

The end.


Jeff and Ari said...

I don't think I have ever seen a cuter little boy in a tux! I'm surprised they didn't GIVE it to you for free just to let him wear around as free advertisement for them.

Grandpa Rusty said...

I'm surprised you don't have him in a tux night and day!