Ode to The Bump

Was I ever this pregnant with the MonkeyFish?

Okay, so maybe they warned me. You will show sooner with your second, they said. All your symptoms will show up quicker and will be more intense, they said.

Even so - I didn't expect to be a mere 30 weeks along (10 to go!) and be unable to put on shoes that require bending over (thank you, stylish slip-ons!). I didn't expect my MATERNITY clothes to start fitting too small. I didn't expect to ask the doctor at my appointment this morning, "Okay, so how soon can we induce?"

I love the baby part of pregnancy - the kicks, the hiccups, the squirms, the perfect round protruding bump that whispers to my eager ears daughter...daughter...daughter. I enjoy the attention - the inquiries, the knowing grins from veteran women, the laughs Bill and I share when I literally can't get up off the floor, the coupons that magically show up in my mailbox for diapers, formula, clothing.

I just don't enjoy the me part of pregnancy.

The lack of energy, enthusiasm, motivation, gusto. The irritable me that springs unbidden to attack my sweet husband who EVERY TIME has done absolutely NOTHING to deserve it. The me who doesn't cook. Who puts off the laundry just one more day. Who spends all energy at the office to come home and have nothing left to offer the family.

the constant overheating.

the weight gain.

the sleepless nights.

And - my own personal worst enemy - the RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME!

(snarl, hiss)

I guess having a second doesn't make you a pro.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I've got pregnancy on the brain. Major. Pregnancy is inescapable until the 40 weeks is up - which allows a lot of time to mull it over.

Which leads me to the point (hurrah!) of this post.

In an effort to channel my inner pregnancy tummult - thoughts both good and bad - I am dedicating this coming week to THE BUMP - and those who have, will, or are currently growing one - where I will interview expecting friends and we will dish about the ins and outs of what it means to be in the family way. All the things your mother and those kind neighborly ladies never dared tell.




Philip and Mandy said...

Stepper... I am in my 21st week of my 1st pregnancy and already feeling like "holy how, I still have 19 more weeks!! how will I ever make it?" He he. My bump isn't quite big enough to hinder my shoe tying yet, but I'm definitely experiencing the back pain, hip pain, heart burn, morning sickness (still!), shortness of breath, break outs, headaches, etc... I'm right there with you. But regardless, we love our little ones. I'm admire you for going through it a second time. At this rate, I'm ready to call it quits after my 1st. Nah, I'm only kidding. But it does look like I have tons of fun coming my way in the upcoming weeks! :-)
Thanks for this blog!!