on expanding...and Bump of the Day: Ari!

When growing a little person, it's not just the tummy that balloons to disproportionate sizes. We even expect that our feet will swell and that...ahem...certain other anatomical areas will blossom.

But what nobody ever told me was that after my first - my feet would not return to their pre-pregnancy size. That I would ever after be a size 8 and have to retire most of my 7 and 7.5 sized shoes.

The hips remain curvier after carrying a bun in the oven.

And it can't be confirmed - but I'm pretty sure that my fingers have retained a bit of their sausage-like roundness post-baby.

This pregnancy, I've still been able to get my wedding ring on.

But this pregnancy, my feet and ankles haven't been nearly as swollen, either.

The point is - the body changes shape while pregnant - and some of the shape changes are permanent. Some are GREAT, and some ho-hum.

What changes are you looking forward to? What changes are you dreading?

And please meet our BUMP of the DAY:


How far along are you? 14 weeks...15 on Friday (can you tell I’m counting?)

Who is more excited about the pending bundle of squishy goodness; you or Jeff? At first it was pretty equal … but now I think Jeff is more excited and I am more overwhelmed!!

Who had the best reaction when you shared the news? My dad … he jumped up and started crying. And my friend Kristie who started SCREAMING and hugging me!

What has been the thing you have enjoyed the most so far about being pregnant? The planning … names, nursery colors, bags, clothes … I bought a planner just for this! I know, I’m a nut. And having people be so excited for us! Several people have either screamed or cried they are so thrilled for us. It is really, really touching. And getting even more pampered by my already super sweet hubby!

What has been the thing you’ve complained the most about during this pregnancy? Looking chubby and not actually looking preggo. It is SO annoying!! I actually WANT the bump! And I’m not a huge fan of being moody. Oh! And my face keeps breaking out. I am not a 14 year old!

Prenatal Vitamins: What kind are you using? Are they treating you so good or no good? O-Cal, or something like that. I actually LOVE them. Weird, I know … but I do!

People love to comment when they learn you are expecting. What is the most awkward thing someone has said to you? People who share horror stories. Especially things I am already afraid of. ENCOURAGEMENT is what we moms-to-be need … I am NOT interested in horror stories. And the preggo police. I know people mean well, and I enjoy advice, but really, I don’t need to be policed!

People love to share their own labor war stories when they learn that you’re expecting. Has anyone shared a story that has been particularly unsettling to you? Please see above. They have all been about miscarriage - my biggest fear. Labor actually doesn’t freak me out yet. It’s still a ways off J

What’s the most interesting baby/expecting mommy gift you’ve received thus far? I actually haven’t received anything weird, but I have a few dear friends who have given me their favorite books to read up! One let me borrow her belly band, and a few others have offered to let me raid their closets! Everyone has been so sweet and excited for me!! It has been so reassuring!

Is there anything about pregnancy that you didn’t expect or that has caught you by surprise? Something where you’re like, “why didn’t anyone ever tell me…?” Everything!! For real though … I didn’t think I would but SUCH a nut case about everything. And I actually didn’t expect to feel so good! Everyone always talked about how awful it could be so I didn’t know you could feel okay … not normal per se, but not terrible!

Cravings or changed food habits? I don’t like beef, and I am generally a meat and potatoes kind of girl. And I can’t STAND the smell of sautéed mushrooms. Most everything else is fine, although I have eaten more Mac and Cheese and Jell-o lately! I have been pretty lucky – other than being tired I haven’t been sick really!


Carolyn said...

Stepper I love that you're doing this. LOVE Ari too! She's awesome, and the best neighbor I could ever ask for. We are just thrilled for them!

And uh, I totally didn't realize she's only about 5 weeks away from finding out what she's having....

Stepper the Mighty said...

I know! We are so excited for Ari, too. I was one of the criers when she told me - though funny story - when she first told she did it so nonchalance that I actually didn't believe her. I thought she was being snarky. Then it was true and I ran home and told Bill and we did a happy dance in the kitchen.

Jeff is going to be SUCH a great dad! He's so good with Wyatt, and Wyatt just loves him.

Hurray for new parents!

Tamsin said...

I'm loving this series too. I've discovered that being pregnant makes everything baby-related so much more interesting than when you're not :) Funny how that happens!

Jeff and Ari said...

Thanks for the feature :)! I have loved reading about everyone else and I feel so special being included!!