a Seahorse is NOT a Dragon

This morning I woke up to the serenity of my sleeping home in good spirits.

By the time I got to work 2 hours later, my spirits were not just good, they were EXCITED. We're talking humming spirits, folks.

Here's why:

Reason 1: Decided to run some necessary pre-trip errands before work. Went to Maceys. I love Maceys. I am always in a better mood for having gone to Maceys. Maceys is a chain grocery store - it's very successful. Yet it still caters to the neighborhood it's in.
    • Semi-annual food storage sales. Oh, we're in a predominately LDS town? Oh, your leaders have petitioned you to gather food storage? Well, here! Have a bucket of wheat for twenty bucks! And while we're at it, here are a few food-storage friendly recipes to make things more interesting.
    • Maceys Little Theater - featuring guests from the community who come in and teach whomever wants to learn - free of charge - things like: 6 easy crock pot recipies. Microwaveable meals. Meals in 30 minutes or less.
    • the cute ladies in the back of the store handing out samples of the stuff they've made with ingredients that are on sale in the store. PLUS THE RECIPE'S! Trust me - you have not seen a miniature cup and spoon wielded with more finesse. And they never look annoyed at the kids who flock to their table. In fact...the kids flocking for free treats seems to get them more excited.
    • Speaking of kids: free smarties at check-out. Wyatt knows that checker at Maceys = treat. And they always comment on his beautiful hair/eyes/smile (pick a feature, my son is intensely cute. I know it's not just me, because I shop at Maceys).
    • cheap frozen yogurt in a cone at the Deli. Usually they have PEACH.
Besides that, I get the feeling that the employees at Maceys are genuine when they say, "how are you?" or "can I help you?" In fact, if you take them up on the offer for help, it's like you've made their day.

Plus they always have good sales - and the stuff that's not on sale is still cheaper than the other grocery stores in town.

And today - I had a return to make at the service desk. She was very pleasant - teasing me about bringing in an item in a non-Maceys bag. She took the bag I brought my thing in so that she could recycle it (Yeah!) and I wouldn't have to get rid of it myself (Yeah!). When I was done at the counter, I turned to go, and the man behind me in line approached the counter, and she said, "Mr. Smith! It's so good to see you! How's your wife?"

I'm not kidding.

I know that's how small-town grocery stores are in the movies - but at Maceys they REALLY SAY stuff like that! They really know their regulars! And they really want to know how their regulars' wives are!

I go to Alby's and I feel like I'm annoying everyone by being there. I go to Maceys and I feel like they're about to hand me a balloon just 'cause they're so glad to see me. In fact, they've done that before.

Just saying.

Also: The drink that Bill and I both claim as our favorite now (thanks, Jamie) and occasionally splurge on was on sale for 47 cents a bottle. I got six.

Reason 2. Went to the bank. Okay, usually I don't like going to the bank. I don't like the smell of them, the look of them - everything about an actual bank building screams at me "NUMBERS and MATH and all sorts of LINGO YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!" I like the ATM. The ATM I get.

Plus - our bank was victim of a hostile take-over during the beginning stages of the dreaded RECESSION - and so I had a bit of a bad taste in my mouth for this big corporate bank that squashed my little friendly bank.

But this time I had to activate my debit card (because I lost my old one - yes, I know - which I found the day I finally canceled it - yes, I know).

So I walked in 2 minutes after it opened (post Maceys trip, so my spirits are up!) and was met by a charming blond woman who reminded me a bit of my mom. She was very personable and asked me when I was due, and asked me if I had any other kids, and seemed genuinely thrilled that I was going to have a boy and a girl.

And you know? When she said, "You have a great day!" - it felt like she actually meant it! And so I thought, you know? I think I will!

3. After the bank and on my way to work - I turned on NPR. The guest was an expert on Seahorses. Okay, so seahorses. They're pretty cool. Didn't know there were experts about them. But as I listened - you guys - this scientist charmed my socks off! She had an adorable voice coupled with an even more adorable English accent - and she was so excited about Seahorses that you could almost hear her bouncing in her seat as she talked about them.

The NPR host asked what was the appeal? The charming English expert laughed, and said, "you know? The appeal is one of the things I explore in my book. What is it about the seahorse that is so fascinating to us? They're just a fish! But - there's something about them that's like a fairy tale. They look like a horse. Some say they look like a dragon (and in fact, some used to believe they were a form of dragon because they don't have scales. Instead, they have hard plates that wrap around their bodies. Like a dragon!). But they're a Fish. We know this now. And they are very clever. And tricky! They don't swim very fast, so they are very good at hiding. They are very hard to find. There could be a whole community of seahorses right in front of you, and you would never know it. They even change color."

And did you know that a seahorse can be as big as your elbow to your wrist (stretched out)? And as small as your pinky fingernail?

And that they are the only fish with a neck?

Yes, okay, Ms. English Expert. I concede. Seahorses are pretty darn cool.

Reason 4. When I got out of my car for work, the wind rushed down from the mountains behind me, picked my hair up off my neck and pulled it through its fingers. It smelled like autumn. So delicious.
Reason 5. Tonight we are on our way to SEATTLE - The place that feels like home to me even more than this beautiful state that I grew up in. Washington is where I feel most myself. Most like I belong - and so visiting there feels a bit like coming home to myself.

You know?


Carolyn said...

Oh! And did you know that you can go to the Bakery counter and the nice ladies there will give your child a free cookie? Wonderful, it is. We love Macey's too :)

b. said...


You are right...nicest place in town. Cute, Cute ladies in the back.

I do run to Crisps (said Crispusses at our house) for convenience sake. But I love my Maceys!

Have fun in Seattle!

Carolyn said...

Double OH! And, you can get a free balloon at the balloon dept. Again, love Macey's. :)