butter bum

After being attacked with hugs upon walking through the front door after work, Bill and Wyatt wander back to their game of Duplos on the floor.

Bill: There's something wrong with our butter.

I unload my bags onto the rocking chair. 

Me: Why, what is it doing? 

Bill: It's just acting weird.  I put it in the fridge so you could look at it.

Curiosty nabs my attention and I wander in to the kitchen.  I'm thinking this probably has something to do with the fact that I forgot to put a new butter stick on the butter dish when it came out of the dishwasher - so when I was making grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner last night, I was FORCED to put it in the microwave for a few seconds to thaw the fresh-from-the-fridge stick to spreadable softness.

Microwave thawed butter annoys both Bill and I - it always melts on the bottom and stays hard in the middle so you end up with an ugly pile of sploodgy butter until you finish that stick and can wash the dish and move on to the next pure, thawed-the-way-nature-intended stick.

You know what I mean.

Rather than admit my guilt for having used the dreaded microwave on the new stick of butter, I decided to see what the odd-behaviored butter was doing. 

I mean, maybe it had nothing to do with my travesty of the night before.

I pulled the butter dish from the fridge, opened it, and was greeted with this:

There was a telling silence in the next room.

Me (through laughter): Yes, this butter is acting VERY strangely!

Wyatt runs in to the kitchen with a grin on his face.  Unrelated - he is mischevious and all boy, but still not sophisiticated enough to be in on the joke, though I'm sure he was privy to his dad's sculpturing techniques that afternoon.  Wyatt just often runs in to the kitchen with a grin on his face.

Me: Wyatt, what is this? (I hold the sculpture down for him to see)

Wyatt: Butter bum!

Bill walks in to the kitchen, laughing.

I then forbid everyone in the house to use 'butter bum' until I can get some good pictures, and put it back in the fridge. 

Two (butterless) days later, Ari and Jeff come over to watch Wyatt for the evening while Bill and I go and see my dad's opening performance of Wait Until Dark.  We made them soup and bread to enjoy as a 'thank you'.  This forced me to make good on my Butter Bum picture promise.  Bill obliged with his camera, and our friends were left to enjoy the sculpture in all its glory.

Times like this, I'm glad we have friends who understand us.

But I'm even more glad to have a husband with such a great sense of humor.

...and butter knife technique.


Carolyn said...

That is the funniest thing I have ever seen! If all else fails, he has a career in the butter carving world!

Windy Dawn said...

Ah ha ha! That's hilarious! Go Bill. :D

The Incurable Redhead said...

I love it! It's like a twist on butter fingers...but much more mischievous...just the way I like you two! But be careful...you're going to have to start explaining things like this when your little one starts school and he tries to do the same thing with play dough :)

MikkSolo said...