dreams expecting

In my sleep, I was in my bedroom and my daughter was here.  Oh, she was beautiful.  Dark curls, peach cheeks, big, intelligent green eyes.  I remember looking at her and being filled with wonder that I could play a part in making such a glorious thing.

Then the dream changed.  I was still in my room, sitting on my blue bed - watching a hummingbird at my window.  There were thoughts of concern at the corners of my mind - the hummingbird was clearly trapped on the wrong side of that glass - but those thoughts were insignificant next to what I felt watching that tiny creature beat her mighty wings faster than my limited sight could perceive.  And the sound she made - a soft yet vibrant humming - like the breeze through partially closed blinds.  Like a thrumming that began deep in the soul of the earth and moved through its skin to sing and echo in an otherwise silent cave.  Like the beat of a thousand tiny hearts.

The hummingbird moved from the window to the headboard on my blue bed.  She looked at me with deep, intelligent eyes and I thought - she is so small, yet she knows so much more than I do.  She is brand new - and so is closer to the Truth that we all came from.  That we all seem to forget so easily.

And I recognized her.

When I woke from the dream, I lie in bed for a time watching my tummy move while my daughter stretched within me. So tiny, yet so strong.  My little humming bird.  The wisdom of innocence, trapped here on the wrong side of the glass with me for a time.

And oh, I promised. What a time it will be.


Nae said...

Thank you for writing that. It was really beautiful.