Went to a matine of this:

Laughed.  Cried.  Talked about it in depth with Bill.

I don't want to give anything away.  All I can say is, "ah, childhood."
And also: I'm adding the soundtrack to my Wish List.

Then: Made soup and bread while Bill vacuumed out the car. 

Can I tell you?  I absolutely LOVE a freshly vacuumed car.  And a messy car makes me feel all jumbled and messy myself.  Arriving at a destination in a messy car, I don't feel like I've really arrived.  More like I ended up somewhere in the midst of my chaotic day, and I don't really know what I'm doing there.  Arriving somewhere in a clean car makes me feel like my arrival was deliberate, devised, and also for some reason that I'm important.  Like royalty. 

During my dating years, if a fella picked me up in a car that was clean, I felt honored and protected - like this fella knew how to be in charge of this date.  If the car had his homework strewn accross the back seat, french fries hiding down between the seats, and loose change bouncing around my feet, I felt like the date - like the car and probably like the guy - was going to be messy, thrown together, and aimless. 

I was clueless about car make and models.  I wouldn't have know the difference between a mercedes and a Geo Spectrum.  I didn't know about clothes - if the guy was wearing Abercrombie or Hand-Me-Down.  I had no idea when to be impressed with this guys sports record or that guys computer programming know-how.  It didn't turn my head if he was popular, ambitous, had an amazing head of hair or was from 'good stock' - but I would swoon if he was genuine, clever, and had a good relationship with his mother. 

And kept his car clean.

My (extremely genuine, clever, good looking, ambitious, curly haired and stylish) husband took me out on Friday night in our clean car to see the PG Player's opening night presentation of WAIT UNTIL DARK.

One of my favorite suspense stories.  If you cant see it done in live theater, SEE THE MOVIE (starring Audrey Hepburn).  It's a wonderful story - not to mention a great way to kick off the Halloween Spirit that is required to fully enjoy these next few weeks properly.

If you're in the area, see the PG Players performance.  Treat your significant other to something a little different!  Halloween movies are falling flat, lately.  Not only will you get the thrill of the tale, you'll get the thrill of seeing my ever so talented DAD in the role of Mike, the likable conman.  So pick up your lady or your fella (in a clean car) and hit the live theater.  You will love it.

I have spoken.


That Girl said...

I think I might make you email me your true thoughts on the movie - I'm dying to see it, but will I take my five-year-old? I get mixed reviews.