tender and green

Today was the primary program in our ward.  I serve as the primary chorister - a calling I consider to be a direct gift from my Heavenly Father.  He knows I love children and the wonder that they are.  He's seen my heart touched and my cheeks wetted every single time I witness a primary program.  He knows that when I've served in the primary in years past, I embarrass myself by singing the primary songs louder than anyone else in the room.

And now that's my job!

It's like He threw His arm around my shoulders and said with a half-grin, "Stepper, I know this is something that makes you happy.  Here.  Indulge for a while."

Is that blasphemous?


Today, those tender and green little testimonies delivered.  They stood and gave their small and unintelligible speaking parts, and sang with - if not all the words - all their hearts; and testified of the power of the Family and the awesomeness of God's plan regarding it.

Seriously, that Plan?  So smart.

And I was affected by their purity.  Their simplicity.  Their innocense.

I was reminded that we adults need to stop and step back.  Take a moment.  Remember what it was like to be innocent, full of trust and possibilities.  What it was like to be a child.

Back when if we wanted to be Superman, by gum, someday we would.

When did we stop telling ourselves that was possible?

And when did we let go of our childlike and trusting faith?

I love getting back to the basics in Primary.  The pure and simple truths; stripped of all theory, complications, exceptions, all the things we adults try to angle ourselves at these principles with.  Bare bones.  The Gospel at its core.

Love one another.
Follow the Prophet.
Let us oft speak kind words.
...suffer the little ones.

They are precious in His sight.

Not to mention hilarious.

Leading the songs of the program today, I was quite a sight.  Half-laughing, Half-crying, and of course, always grinning while trying to flip those darn song charts.

It's funny that they call us their teachers when really it's the other way around.

Except that we do bring the donuts.


Lara and Jayson said...

I am the Primary Chorister too!!! It is the best calling ever! Our program is next week, I hope it all goes well :)

MikkSolo said...

Primary is where my heart is too!