Ladies and Gentlemen, I did it.

No, not that.  Moeb has not yet made her grand debut.

I meant that yesterday I cleaned the whole house (including bathrooms, thank you), got caught up on the laundry (even Wyatt's sheets thanks to his nap-time leak), and made Bill's favorite BBQ pizza for dinner.  I even timed it so it would be hot when he got home.

But he still wins, because you know what he did?

He brought me FLOWERS!


He knocked on the door and when I opened it, there he was, standing with a brilliant boquet of funky green roses and baby's breath. Does he know me or what? He scooped me into a hug (difficult in my current state) and explained to me that he thought I was the most wonderful, selfless, hard working woman of a wife that he has the pleasure of smooching.

Uhm...were we talking about the same Stepper?

It reminded me of the Gift of the Magi.  We were both thinking how the other had been so selfless and hard working - and understanding of our own inability to be that way - that we felt the other deserved a special something.  The best part is that we both felt wonderful afterward.  We had given and we had received.

Which made me think that maybe the whole time, we had been buoying each other up.  Supporting and helping each other in the little, natural ways the other needed.  Ways we might not have been aware of ourselves because we were too busy focusing on the areas where we were falling short.

Which made me think how people generally focus too much on the areas where we're falling short and neglect to even acknowledge our strengths.

What's up with that?

So here's your assignment, dear readers.

Think of something right now that you know you're good at.  Think about it.  Think about how awesome it is to know you're good at this thing.  Think about how being good at this thing helps other people.  Allow yourself to feel good about that. 

Now, do this far more often.

Warmest regards,



Grandpa Rusty said...

Bill does win... he has you!

Philip and Mandy said...

I wish I could be as productive as you!! And don't you hate it when your husband one-ups you right when you think you did something fantastic! He he.

William C. McCrery said...

I wouldn't call those flowers a one-up. More like a one-slightly-less-infinitely-down.