The Last of the Card Sisters

Well,'s official.

My youngest sister is now engaged.

Yes, this is actual footage of the actual act.  Cleve had set his camera on a timer.

Please note the knee in the dirt.  Cleve did things good and proper.

And now Soup has one of these!


So shiny.  She can't stop looking at it.  YOU know.

So Megan Diantha Card will become Megan Diantha Little this coming June - in the same temple that her sisters got married in.

So that's it, folks.

The last of the Card sisters.

Officially off the market.

In other news: I'm being featured here!  Stop by to get my take on what it was like to discover I was going to have a boy!  Back when, you know, I was having a boy.  And not a girl.

Which I may have any minute.

Okay not really.

But maybe?


Grandpa Rusty said...

It is never easy to give up a daughter... ever. I was thinking maybe fifteen or twenty years from now would have been better. But Megan is happy, and ultimately, as her Dad, that is all I want for her - for any of my girls.

But... now who will I ride the roller coasters with!?