looking forward...

One of my top ten favorite things in life is: having something to look forward to.

And right now my basket overfloweth, baby!

Saturday, this guy turns 2.

Bill and I have had rapidly ticking brains, figuring out how to make this day really special for the Fish.

Because! We aren't throwing him a friend party this year because we weren't sure about whether I'd be in the hospital or not, and now it's too late to plan anything. So we will be celebrating just the three of us - which is a major step away from what we did for his birthday last year.

Because! He's about to retire from only-child-dom and take on the responsibilities of sibling.  And not just sibling, but oldest sibling.  And not just oldest sibling but big brother.  Making this his last hurrah with Mom and Dad at his sole disposal.

Because! He's my favorite little guy ever, and

Because! Well, just LOOK at him!

Plans for the day include...
  • An indulgent birthday breakfast of german pancakes and whole wheat muffins.  And juice.  As much juice as he wants!
  • A trip to Toys-R-Us where, with his Daddy's help, he will get to spend his entire $3 gift card on WHATEVER HE WANTS!  He's practically RICH!  The result will most likely be more cars.
  • A trip to Jumpin' Jacks - where the Fish will get to play on the big blow-up toys until his little heart can't take the joy any longer. Dad gets to play while Mom sits on a comfy chair in the corner, sipping a rootbeer and taking awesome pictures.
  • Lunch at the establishment of his choosing.  It's always entertaining to hear what he comes up with when asked, "what do you want for lunch?".  We may be eating circles (kix cereal) and raisins and noodles and crackers and chicken and rolls and chocolate.
  • possibly an afternoon showing of Fantastic Mr. Fox (yeah, dad and I are probably the ones excited about this one).
  • PRESENTS of course! He gets new snow boots and a COLORING BOOK!  Luck-eeeee!
I think I'm the one who's most excited about Wyatt's birthday.

Other things I get to look forward to:
  1. Having a baby.  Any day now, I get to meet this little girl. I can    not      wait!
  2. Thanksgiving!  I will probably miss the actual festivities - but the spirit of the week still gets me pumped!  Besides, the moment that Turkey is devoured, the Tree comes out of storage!  Which leads to...
  3. Decorating for CHRISTMAS!  Bring on the Christmas Music and the eggnog!
  4. My nephew is getting baptized!
  5. Lizzie is coming to stay with us!
  6. Bill is letting me throw him a birthday party this year for a few friends, and it is going to be AWESOME! Sneak preview - it involves Charles Dickens and a Roast Turkey.
  7. I turn 30! This is a big deal, folks.  A. big. Deal.
  8. A new blog design, courtesy of Charming Husband for my birthday! 
  9. A getaway to the snowy mountains - gift courtesy of Jamie and her clan.
  10. Perhaps a visit from a few of the McCrery siblings?
  11. the annual Christmas Eve Card Family Christmas Program!
  12. filling stockings.
  13. snow!
 I could go on - but this post is already extremely self indulgent.



Nae said...

Oh, now I just ACHE for the holidays! Two more tests, and then I'm pretty much home-free until finals. Tell Fish happy birthday for me! He's an absolute love!

Lizzie said...

Yay I made the top 5!