Wacom Wyatt

Wyatt is still channeling Pollock - but his medium is more expansive.

Wyatt also uses a wacom tablet and the computer.

Behold his latest masterpieces!

Wyatt in Blue

Wyatt in Primaries

He sits at the computer for ages drawing with the Wacom.  Then he'll turn and ask us for a new color - which he chooses - and then continues with his colorful rampage.

I'm toying with the idea of printing one of these on canvas and hanging it on our wall.

Or maybe sending him out back with a canvas and some real paint.  Just to see what happens.

If you ask him to, he'll draw you a circle.  or a square.  But I prefer not to meddle.  I mean, Pollock himself said that drawing shapes was too limited.  You had to draw the FEELING of the thing, not the THING of the thing.

You guys want one on your wall.  You know you do.

The best part - aside from the fact that Wyatt can use a wacom tablet before the age of 2 - is that he'll sit and draw on the computer for at least the length of time it takes me to fold two entire baskets of laundry.  Tested!

How old does he have to be, do you think, before I can drop him on the corner in the city with his crayons and a money hat?


Lara and Jayson said...

I'll admit it, I would totally hang one on my wall. That is my kind of art! What a creative little mind!

Nae said...

Next week might be a little cold, but I'm sure if you left him on the corner with a thermos of hot cocoa he'd do just fine!

Grandpa Rusty said...

Send me hi-res files and I'll blow them up and frame them. Then when his artwork is selling for millions in a few more years, I'll have early-stage originals in my collection.