The First Thirty Years


I watched with bated breath as the glowing green letters of the clock in our car blinked away the last minute of yesterday and my twenties.

I had been anticipating entering my thirties so devoutly that I neglected to contemplate the passing of my twenties. They left me unceremoniously last night as we slid across the icy roads of Highland. I looked out the window at the black and white of a snowy night and bid farewell to a TRULY awesome ten years of my life.

What does this coming decade have in store for me?

My twenties were shaking. Shaping.

Will my thirties be as changing and chaotic and bold? Or will they pass with a more quiet assurance?

And as my children begin to really discover the world, will my thirties afford me more steadiness and more wisdom than my twenties did?

Will I be more or less creative?

Will I finally learn how to simplify? Or - more importantly - budget?

Will I become more brave? Or just more stubborn?

How many more children will I have? And will I know that they are all here, all in my arms, somewhere within this decade?

When I was a girl, I thought thirty was so old. An adult. So 'other' in the way that the adult world is when you are very small. but now, here I am in the tender hours of being 30 - and I still feel so young!

Young - but exhausted. And with great things to show for my first thirty years on this planet:


Jeff and Ari said...

I hope it is a very happy birthday for you ... and that your 30s are as wonderful and amazing as you deserve!

Tamsin said...

Happy birthday, you amazing creature! And tell me all about 30, so I can be prepared to join you in a few months.

Windy Dawn said...

This is you we are talking about Stepper. No matter what your thirties throw your way I expect you'll find a way to enjoy it with that certain type of Stepper-Flare that we all enjoy so much about you. Happy Birthday!

Philip and Mandy said...

You've had a wonderful first 30 years!! I'm sure your best years are still yet to come :-)
PS, love the pic of you & Bill. You're dress was amazing.

Grandpa Rusty said...

Now you are thirty and a few hours... that means I'm... old. In years anyway, certainly not in maturity.
As you enter this new decade of your life, may I simply say that as your Dad, you make me very proud of the wonderful woman, wife and mother you have become.
I love you,

MomBabe said...

I LOVE your wedding picture. Happy Birthday!

Carolyn said...

Happy Birthday!

Ro Ro Riot said...

Congratulations! You are awesome.

Azúcar said...

Is the 23rd really your birthday? It's my first son's birthday, too.

Good vintage, you people.