Meet Sharon.

Sharon is a wonderful soul. She also has good taste.

Case in point: she loves my daughter:


...and has long been one of Wyatt's favorite sitters (thanks, Sharon!).

The other night, Sharon stopped by to admire our work (Daphne).

She came baring gifts.

Please observe (admire and laud) the winsome treat adorning Daphne's sweet head:

Okay, I will admit: I have never been a fan of the headbands with the huge flowers attached to babies heads. I always felt that the flowers were overpowering on a baby - who by her very nature was plenty adorable. When I see a baby, I want to see cheeks and chins and tiny upturned noses. Not gargantuan bright pink daisies. DIS-tracting.


The combination that Sharon brought?

Old fashioned.
In good taste, and - Sharon's words echoed my thoughts exactly - "She looks like a little flapper!"

The effect was ridiculously sweet.

 Besides that, they were awfully fun to put together.


Even Bill got into it.

So here I stand. Er...sit.


I really want one for myself!

Thanks, Sharon!


Windy Dawn said...

that's one cute baby and one cute hat too! love it.

sharon. said...

Aww, I feel extra loved :) I'm glad they made the cut for precious Daphne's head. When she's older I make her one of my new headbands! In the meantime I'll make her beautiful mommy one. Hope you like it!