On Having Two Kids: an Afternoon Dilemma

So far, the trickiest thing is 2:00pm.

Inevitably, I'll be sitting in my glider feeding Daphne, Wyatt will wake up from his nap and start calling for someone to rescue him, and I'll suddenly need to use the loo. 

This is a problem because 1. Wyatt is still in a crib.  Don't judge. He absolutely LOVES it - and has made no attempt to escape. Ever. 

2. Daphne (bless her heart) is a lazy eater - and if she's interrupted, she'll lose interest and fall asleep or stare at you with her sweet expression expecting you to do something entertaining.

3. I hate making either of them wait. Also - I have to go to the bathroom!

Usually what happens is I try to coax Daphne into eating as quickly as possible (har), and torture myself by listening with super-mother-ears to the pleas of my imprisoned son wafting down the stairs from his room "please, mommy! I want get up for Wyatt!". 

A testament to his awesomeness - no matter how upset Wy gets about being left and ignored for so long, when I finally open his bedroom door to get him, he's all smiles and jumping-on-the-bed. I bring him down, and he usually wants to snuggle for 5-10 minutes (which is AWESOME and only tricky if Daphne hasn't fallen asleep and is protesting).

I get Daphne in her swing...I get Wyatt in his high chair for a snack...and FINALLY am able to go and, er...attend to my own portion of this dilemma.

By about 4:00pm I'm able to get lunch for myself.  And it's time to feed Daphne again.

Some day I'll have this figured out and it'll run like a well oiled machine.

In the meantime, please ignore the dishes in the sink and the laundry piling up. Be grateful I've showered. And all those women out there who've had two kids and beyond...this is your warning.

I'm about to pick your brain.


Tamsin said...

Stepper-silly: call me! I'd be more than happy to walk across the parking lot and get Wyatt. If you find yourself in need of an extra pair of hands, they are attached to my wrists!

That Girl said...


For me, it's 8:30, 1:00, and 5:30. I'm still waiting for the well-oiled machine.

Carolyn said...

Yes, don't feel bad calling for help! I used Jeff and Ari many, many times when Tyler was a newborn. I was afraid I was going to scare them out of parenthood completely! :) But you'll get it. You just do, it all works out eventually!

Grandpa Rusty said...

Now that we're a few short months away from truly having a completely empty nest, Tammy and I are hoping to get home life to start functioning like a well-oiled machine too!

cheryl said...

I have one baby and I find it hard to get lunch and/or go the loo... I can only imagine your pain! ;)

Queen Scarlett said...

You are adorable. Also...DUDE first three months... I was not ever presentable. ;-)