Three years ago, I became a new creature.

One I liked much better.

Three years ago, a switch was flipped and a great cavern I didn't know existed opened within me, and my soul expanded to cover the whole earth, and within the same breath I became infinite and frighteningly mortal.

Three years ago, my heart risked everything - but was also promised salvation and titanium steel armor.

Three years ago, I married my best friend. I married the boy that was the companion of my sleeping dreams since I was 14 years old. The boy that I had to wait 26 years to meet. The boy that I had to move across three states to find.

The boy with the best hugs and the amazing eyes and the tangles of dark curls that my fingers obsess over.

Us - Three Years Ago

It was always him. It was always going to be him.

I'm pretty excited about forever.

In the past three years, we: Left Seattle and moved to Utah. Had a son. Had a daughter. Lost a parent. Bought a home. Saw two of your siblings get married. Got a new niece. Got another new niece. Got a new nephew. Changed schools (but not career paths! Way to go, babe!). Saw my youngest sister get engaged. Saw your youngest sister submit her mission papers. Left jobs, changed jobs, found jobs.

Mostly: fell in love with each other every day.

Even the sleep-deprived, make-up free, stuffy-nosed, ornery, overwhelming, and boring days.

I love you, Bill. I wouldn't want to be doing this crazy life thing with anyone else.

Happy Third!


And to the dear heart that told me last night that you don't have much faith in marriage: Courage, friend. Love is real, and so is forever. You just haven't found your Bill, yet. They are very hard to find - believe me. But once you find him, he will love and honor the crap out of you. For all your days. 

True story.


Ro Ro Riot said...

I like it. Thanks for sharing.

Carolyn said...

Happy Anniversary!

That Girl said...


MikkSolo said...

Happy Anniversary you two. We love you both!

Philip and Mandy said...

What a sweet tribute! You two have gone through a lot in 3 years!... and have so much to show for it!
And I love your advise at the bottom - it's so true. There is a Bill (or in my case, a Philip) out there for everyone. Never lose faith.

Queen Scarlett said...

I adore you... you two are adorable. LOVE THIS POST! HAPPY HAPPY 3rd.

sharon. said...

Thanks Stepper :) I love you all! You're the sweetest gal I know.

Grandpa Rusty said...

I married my best friend 32 years ago, and every day I still fall more in love with her. Forever is going to be a wonderful thing!

Nae said...

Happy anniversary, and thank you for sharing such a powerful love. :) It's inspiring and edifying, and now I just really want to give my husband a squdge!