wheeeeeere's Stepper?

All my writing energies are being utilized elsewhere this week. I'll post about it later - it's fun! - but for now, please accept my apologies for my absence, and know that I've got a bunch of stuff brewing on the backburner.

Also: I turn 30 in exactly ONE WEEK!

I think that means it's official. I have to be an adult. Does that mean I have to be an adult? I mean, I'll be much less excited about turning 30 if it means I can't be immature.


Nae said...

I've grown up believing that age does not equal maturity. Look at our fathers, for instance. They're "grown-ups" but I daresay they will never truly grow up. :)

Tamsin said...

My cute mama will be sixty next year, and she says she's still waiting for the day she grows up :)

That Girl said...

You're totally allowed. My hubby's 31 and I think he just gets goofier.

I still have a year and a half, and I can't WAIT.