a day of trains

Grandpa Rusty invited his sons and grandsons to a train show.

Wyatt could hardly sleep the night before, and practically launched out of his footies when I greeted him in the morning; his war cry of "Gunna see TRAINS, mom!" trembling against the walls of my tiny home.

The promise of an entire show devoted to his beloved trains was delicious to his expansive imagination.

It did not disappoint.

The adventure in pictures:



Thanks, Dad! You sure do know how to play right!

Pictures taken by my photo-savvy husband - who was also excited about the trains.

For the record.



Nae said...

What a wonderful way to spend a day! It reminds me of the girl's day and boy's day we used to have with Grandma and Grandpa!

Tammy said...

The wonderful thing about it is that Grandpa Rusty planned the entire thing all by himself - from planning the day, buying tickets to buying the shirts! He's been waiting for all these boys to join our family:)

Diana Larson said...

Steve is oh so jealous! He is a train freak from WAY back. He is possibly going to start a business involving model trains.

Grandpa Rusty said...

The train show was great fun - mostly from watching my grandsons who were so captivated by the trains... From T gauge (about the size of a felt tip marker) to garden size (engines ten inches tall and two feet long), and every size in between. And the Lego train layout was magnificent. There were many clever, hidden things to find in it. Perhaps this will have to become an annual event for the boys...