Dear Mom,

I brought Daphne to the pediatrician today to have her frenulum clipped. I brought her up to the nurse's desk to check in - and I have NEVER been able to get ANY of the reception desk nurses to smile EVER. Multiple tries, too - it became a sort of game with me. I'd try being funny, I'd try being clever - nothing. Just "". And they look at you like you've just spoiled their birthday by walking into the room.

The nurse I got to talk to today was the most grumpy of them all. I was anxious about little Daphne's tongue being brutally severed - so I wasn't even going to try with the nurses - but THIS time...the nurse's eyes lit up and she said, "oooh! What a cute blanket!"

She was referring, of course, to the awesome blanket that you made for Daphne.

This nurse became a completely different person! She told me all about the two grandchildren she was expecting this year (her first two!), about how she wanted to make a blanket for each, how her one son was a hippie and so she was going to do a tie-dye blanket as a joke, how her other daughter wasn't going to find out what she was having, so she wasn't sure what colors to use - and wasn't that just mean to a grandma to not find out!

She was downright adorable.

6 months of work, and I finally got a laugh out of one of the nurses. All thanks to your awesome blanket, which I'm pretty sure now has magical properties. It wins friends and influences people wherever it goes.

Like how Daphne quieted and fell asleep after being traumatized by the doctor's tiny scissors as soon as I wrapped her in that soft minky miracle.

She'll be taking it with her to college.

Post Edit:

Thanks for asking - here's a pic of the blanket-phenomenon:


That Girl said...

Do we get a picture of this miraculous piece of fabric? I'm currently looking for quilt ideas ....

Kim said...

Is that the blanket that Bill was holding her in at church on Sunday when he bore his testimony? I LOVED that blanket!

P.S. Ellen is cuter than both of us it's true!

Lara and Jayson said...

Oh my goodness, that does look like a magical blanket! I want to wrap myself in it after a long day at work.