In other news...

...Last Saturday evening, Bill and I were treated to dinner at Rodezio by Shawn and Rischelle. This was something I looked forward to all week - and it did not disappoint. A night out on the town sans kids? good. The food/service at Rodezio grill? good! Double date with my man and another seriously awesome couple? GOOD.

Though Rischelle would have me point out that we went to the ORIGINAL Rodezio up at Trolley Square. Not the newer sorry excuse for a Rodezio in American Fork. The 40 (or so) minute drive to Salt Lake as compared to the 10 minute drive into American Fork was well worth it. You just can't beat the original. Where else would you get portuguese speaking men carrying savory meats on swords who can carve and flick it onto your plate like they were born for it?

The best part, though? Conversing with a couple who - while managing to be young and hip, have also managed to be good and wise and truly awesome parents to 4 of the most beautiful children I've ever seen. I know that what with being family and all, I may be more prone to say that. But really, they're 4 of the most beautiful children MOST people have ever seen.

I like to sit and listen to Shawn and Rischelle talk about life and parenting and just glean as much as I can. I think I'll invest in a little notebook and stubby pencil (and, of course, a pair of chic hornrimmed glasses) so that I could follow them around like Lois Lane's crazed younger sister and just take notes notes notes.


(did you like that? I stole it.)

Anycow, As we wandered in window-shopping fashion through Pottery Barn Kids while we waited for our table at Rodezio, we passed some darling night-lights. I lamented to Bill that we had no such adorableness for our children. Rischelle mentioned practically in passing that new studies have shown that you shouldn't have night lights. That it interferes with vision development (or something to do with the eyes).


Daphne currently sleeps in our room in the cradle that her great grandpa made. I've been leaving my bedside lamp on during the night because I am still in the check-on-her-every-ten-minutes-to-be-sure-she's-breathing stage. Also - mid-night (not midnight, though sometimes they are at midnight) feedings are easier when you've got a light.

The glow was soft, but it was annoying right by my head while I was trying to sleep.

So I decided we'd try it. A light-less night.

And do you know what?

Daphne slept for six hours straight.
Then the next night, seven.
Then six, then five, then seven again...

The only problem is that she thinks that nine to three is 'through the night'. However: My hopes of getting her onto our sleep schedule by three months are soaring.

Thanks, Rischelle!


In other news: I've been waiting by my phone and everything, but still no Malachi. Ali is now five days past her due date. See how she feels about that here.

I can't wait to get that little guy into my arms!


In other news: Daphne is being blessed this weekend.

Tamsin's baby shower is next weekend.

This means: lots of parties for Stepper to plan!

This makes Stepper happy.


In other news: I still don't have my thank-you notes written. Don't tell my grandmother.


In other news: I really want a diet coke.



That Girl said...

I admit we use a nightlight with one-out-of-three of our boys. If we don't have it, he won't sleep AT ALL.

I feel good about this.

MikkSolo said...

Stepper - you are too kind!


Grandpa Rusty said...

In other news: your Daphne's grandmother also doesn't have her thank you notes written. But don't you dare tell her I told you.
Of course, Daphne's Grandpa Rusty doesn't have his written yet either. And I have no excuse like having an infant to care for or having lost my list of gifts received... I'm just slow and lazy.