He's finally here!

Malachi made his debut a week ago today. I don't know how Ali can stand it. I mean, just LOOK at him!

That hair.

These pictures just don't do him any kind of justice. That hair is red - a beautiful rusty copper color.

I'm equal parts proud and jealous. I want a red-haired little boy of my own.

Maybe next?

Meanwhile, I'll just have to steal borrow Mal for my red-haired-boy snuggle fix.

Can you see it better, here?

In any case: divinity, no?

Ali did a good job, no? He was a full week late and still had the decency to only weigh 7 lb 14 oz.

And Mal seems to be well worth the wait.


Philip and Mandy said...

He is certainly adorable, and I love this red hair! Philip and I are hoping to have a red head :-). And for our sakes, if he is late, I hope he's decent enough to weigh under 8 lbs too. He he.

Grandpa Rusty said...

He is such a cutie... and so mellow. I don't know where these mellow babies are coming from - Fisher, Daphne and now Malachi. Their mothers certainly weren't that mellow when they were tiny.

Nae said...

Those pictures are wonderful! He's just so beautiful. Man, you ladies bring such beautiful babies into the world! I wish I could cuddle your blond baby boy too. Ah, babies. :)