lying around

At my house, you have to be careful where you sit.

Someone might have left something important just lying around.


Philip and Mandy said...

He he she is so precious! I can't wait to lay my little guy on our glider :-) If he ever comes... he he.

Ashes said...

Completely adorable!

I hope that your town soon flourishes with organic food markets and opportunities to purchase amazing yogurt. Glad to hear that you're going low sugar. I too decided that it wasn't worth pining over food labels hence the low-sugar life over the no-sugar life. I'm happier with the balance and couldn't completely give up my favorite treats either.

a young mother of two!!! You're so blessed (and so are they to have such a great mom)!!

WelshgirlinAmerica said...

She's adorable. I think all your children will be adorable :)