My Picasso

The Monkeyfish has become quite the artist. This makes his artist parents quite proud.

We are prone to boast.

Just lookie at what my Monkefish did!

I give you: "Two Cars".
Artist: Wyatt R. McCrery.
Medium: Magnadoodle.

A closer look:

A closer look at the 2 year old artist:

Please note the shape of the car, and the fine details:

 Wyatt thinks that anything that looks like smoke is "fire" - fog, blowing snow, actual smoke, and car exhaust:

The tracks were a bonus just in case a train came along.

I think that Bill and I can pretty much stop worrying about saving up for retirement. This kid is going to make it BIG!


sharon. said...

I loved drawing with Wy Guy! Love this kid.

Soup said...

I knew that little boy was amazing and had talent. But did you see that picture!!! A two year old drew a picture and you can actually tell what it is...that is like unheard of!!! I'm proud to call that little man my handsome, creative, and artistic nephew!!!

P.S. You should get in touch with Ford, Chevy, etc and pitch them the tracks on the car idea. It could be big!!!