a shower for sprinkle

Tamsin's baby (dubbed Sprinkle due to his resemblance to a jimmie in his early days) is next in line on the 'Baby Arrivals Stepper is Eagerly Awaiting' list. To allow me an outlet for my excitement, Tamsin allowed me to throw her baby shower.

Well, a baby shower for their little Sprinkle was too good to pass up - and so we had an umbrella themed shower with little birds added for good measure (because I saw some chubby little birds while I was roaming the web and I couldn't resist them. I dare you to try.)

The invite:
It is handy to have a graphic designer for a husband, let me tell you. He would want you to know that the umbrella and bead-like rain combination was borrowed from a site that I found during my idea-searches. One of those free download thingies. But then, after listening to me try to explain (mostly with flailing hands and grunting noises) exactly what I wanted the invitation to look like ("I want chubby birds!), he nodded, pulled his Graphic Designer hat firmly over his brow, and with smoke rising from the wacom as he worked, whipped this beauty out.

It was exactly what I wanted.

The spread:

The menu was tricky, as we would have vegetarians and vegans present.

My favorite part? The long legged argyle birds standing in the cake; a nod to the daddy, mommy, and baby bird on the invitation. The cake (with sprinkles, of course!) was admittedly delicious - and I'm sad I didn't get a better picture of it. Darn sun. Darn kitchen sink being in the way.

The activity:

 (isn't Tamsin cute?!)

Tamsin and Nick love all things natural, and so I ordered 30 unfinished wooden cars from Etsy and invited the guests to paint a car for Sprinkle. We've learned at our house that little boys can NOT have too many cars - and I loved that these cars were 100% natural wood - not a metal piece in the lot.

Ari and Carolyn.

Ari's baby is next on the list after Tamsin's. I don't think he has a nickname like Moeb or Sprinkle, but OH, he will be divine!

A rainy backdrop and the 'mommy bird' and 'daddy bird' seats of honor:

Yes, we invited Nick. And his Dad and his brother.

Because we're cool.

The games:

The people playing the games:

Lizzie stayed up with me the night before, got up with me the morning of, and helped me all throughout this shower. I love her.

The gifts:

The blue bags on top were the thank-you favors for our guests. Inside was a bag of white and milk chocolate covered popcorn. That has nothing to do with umbrellas or birds. I just liked it.

And now that we've had the party, Sprinkle is free to arrive.

Any day now.

Okay, really he's due in three weeks.

But any time, Sprinkle. Any time.


Tamsin said...

Obviously, I'm a little biased, but that was such a fun shower!
I especially loved the details: Sprinkle and shower, the umbrellas, everything right down to the sprinkles on the cake. And it was so thoughtful of you to notice that we love natural and handmade toys. The little cars were just perfect. I'm so excited to see them when they're done!

And who doesn't love chubby little birds? Way to grunt :)

Diana Larson said...

And I thought I was the party DIVA. YOU take the cake. I will pass the torch. Think of what might happen if we partied together!

Tammy said...

I seriously think you should hire yourself out as a party planner! The details you attend to are amazing! I am so prould of you amazing talents!

Anonymous said...

That was the best baby shower I have ever been to! (No exaggeration!) Fabulous food, ambiance, people. Your attention to detail was fabulous! My girls loved the popcorn! Thanks for all your hard work! I throughly enjoyed myself! Whoa that's a lot of exclamation points!

Alica said...

Hi! I just came across this post looking for unique baby-shower projects and I'm wondering if you can tell me what you sealed the little cars with after they were painted. Thanks!