Day 1

Dear Bill,

I love you. Did you know?

But did you know that I love you more this minute than I ever have before? Did you know that these past two weeks - though grueling and difficult, overwhelming and edged with stress because of The Project (which I can't tell about until next week) - have caused me to fall crazy in love with you all over again? 

They have. I have. Crazy in love, I tell you.
(You're lucky you are at school right now, or I would be unable to refrain from glomping you.)

Seven days from now is Valentine's Day - which, traditionally speaking - is the day that those of us who are crazy in love go crazy with expressing it. I love this. But this year, it's not enough. 

I hereby dub the next week as: Seven Days of Bill.

During Seven Days of Bill, you can look forward to receiving each day constant reminders of my devotion to you, and a small tangible token to treat one of your senses.

Of course, being Stepper, I can't make it just that easy on you. There will be clues to solve and feats to accomplish to claim your prize. You know. Just to make sure you're paying attention. :)

You'll have to check here daily for your clue.


Seven Days of Bill: Day 1

In order to claim today's prize from your adoring Stepper, you must whisper the password into her ear. The password is the event that you took me to on our very first date. You know - the date that sealed the deal for both of us, though neither of us was willing to admit it.

All my love,

Your devoted wife.


Philip and Mandy said...

this is so cute!! hope bill has fun with his 7 days of crazy love! :-)