Original Love Story (and 7DoB: Day 2)

It is just me, or is the story of Adam and Eve one beautiful love story?

A tender friendship - there's no doubt in my mind that Adam and Eve liked each other. And that they liked each other not because they were the first two people God put on earth, but that they were the first two people God put on earth because they liked each other. And not in that 'check yes or no' kind of way. I mean in that deep, abiding, tender and loyal way.

Fierce devotion - They stayed together even when something severe threatened to pull them apart. Eve was going to be banished from the existence that they knew. I can think of only one thing that we might experience that could come close to what that would have been like for them: death. And in a way, that's exactly what they were facing. While in the Garden, they were immortal. Eve chose mortality - she chose death in order to choose life (the first human mother's sacrifice for her unborn children). And instead of facing their perfect existence without her, Adam chose to follow her into the perils of mortality. He chose to die for her. Romeo Schmomeo - is there anything more romantic than that?

Overcoming obstacles - Have you ever tried to weed a garden that has been overrun with vicious weeds/thorns/other nasty things that are designed to hedge up your way? Yeah? Well, have you ever had to tame an entire world of it? With no shoes?

Conquering evil - Satan really tried to work a number on those two. They had no reference - no scriptures, yet, no Example, no books or wise grandfathers to warn them of Satan's plots - They had only their pure hearts, their honest desire to do what their Father asked of them (even when they weren't sure exactly what that was), and each other. And Satan could not destroy them. (so he went after their kids - but that's another story.)

I think it's highly appropriate that the very first story of humanity on this earth should be a love story. A wonderful prescedent to set. A glorious legacy to leave for their children.

Which, of course, is EVERYONE.

I think everyone should snuggle up with their honey sometime this week and read this story together. You'll feel compelled to whisper romantic words about tilling the ground from whence you are taken, see if you don't!


7 Days of Bill: Day 2

Dear Bill,

It was fun this morning to hear you enjoying your spoils of Day 1.

As I said, it is just the beginning. 

On Saturday, while you were slaving away with the last of The Project (thank you!) and I was cleaning the house in a frenzy around you - I told you there were two jobs that I would leave for you to do. One of them was taking out the garbage. The other one is the password for today's treat.

Hint: It's in the dining room, and involves your manly stature (because I am petite (not short!) and don't like to stand on our stools because I am delicate and feminine (not wimpy!) and get vertigo even from that small height. Also: I like to make you reach me things. Kinda like how I like to make you open jars and Izzie bottles. It's sexy). 

Bring me the tokens of the job, and I will give you your prize.

All my love,

your girl.


Ro Ro Riot said...

I love your letters to Bill.